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Netflix introduces smart socks that will pause content whenever viewers doze off during binge watching.

Netflix Inc. is a company that never fails to surprise its subscribers. The company is expanding globally, coming up with top-notch original content, offering promotions, etc. It is expected to be operational in nearly 200 countries by the end of next year. It is a well-known fact that viewers tend to doze off many times while binge watching. This act rather annoyed them a lot, as they have to go back and watch from the start again. The company reacted on this issue and came up with a perfect solution.

However, this is something that was not really anticipated but again Netflix has come up with another breakthrough in the form of smart socks. So now, while watching your favorite online movies or TV shows on Netflix, do not be worried about dozing off since the newly launched socks will ‘pause’ the content itself once your body decides to rest. The streaming service provider has mentioned all the details and instructions regarding the functionality of these socks and how do they really pause a movie if a user fell asleep.

According to the instructions, “Netflix socks detect when you've dozed off and send a signal to your TV, automatically pausing your show. Never again will you binge-watch yourself to sleep, only to wake up two seasons later wondering what happened.”

This is actually good news for all the viewers. It happens when people tend to binge watch TV shows and eventually end up sleeping if they are awake for a long time. The detailed instructions on the website started with the proper knitting of socks. Furthermore, it mentioned about the pattern designs of socks for its most popular shows, which included House of Cards and Master of None.

Step two of this process is to build an electronic setup within the socks. Electronic components include accelerometer, IR LEDs, battery, and some other components as well. All of these will detect when the feet stops moving so that a signal is sent to the television.

CNN reported that all of these components build a circuit and are then inserted in socks. A few strips around them will try to make them comfortable to wear. This actually is a great technology from Netflix. The company is already giving its viewers a lot to keep holding on to this streaming giant. From streaming quality to content quantity, and now plans to minimize bandwidth could act support in subscription growth.


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