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Once upon a time there was a family this family was a happy family until the mom found she was pregnant. The Alexa got pregnant with a baby girl Alexa was so happy that she going to be having a girl.

When Alexa boyfriend found out that she was pregnant Jason told Alexa that he doesn't want anything to do with her or the baby, nine months later the baby girl was born Alexa named her Norah. Norah went to her house for the first time, by then Alexa found a new boyfriend but Alexa did not know that her boyfriend Mack dies drugs. Years went passed Norah was 4 years old, Norah started getting bit and burned by Mack.

Years passed Norah was 6 years old that's when I met this amazing girl. Norah told me everything that she was abused and neglected and I said " Don't worry you will be alright I promise " Years went passed Norah was 12 year old I was 12 year old to. We became bestfriend that when I came in a said "that it's in tried of all that Mack been doing to you I'm report this" and she said "noooooooooooo I'm going to get hurt" then I grabbed her hand and we went right to the cop we told them everything.

By the time the school Bell rang and we got to go home of course I walk Norah home and the cops were there and her dad told Norah to come sit on his lap and she said "no I don't want to" that when Mack got mad and started yelling at Norah and Mack got up from his chair and went over there and tried to grab her but that didn't happen because I was in front of her and we both kick him in the balls and then we ran outside. And there was the cop.

He ran after us and the cop told us to get in and we did and he said "give me my kids back now" the cop said "no we can't do that Norah been abused by you so you can't have them back and the other one is not your kid".

So years passed on it five more days until Christmas and I didn't want her spending Christmas alone so one of the teacher from are school has adopt her she living a happy life and the funny part is that me and her get to still be friends by the way she 13 and I'm 13 born on the same day. I LOVE YOU NORAH


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