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Pokemon Z is kinda fast becoming the Half-Life 3 of the Nintendo world, ain't it?

Okay, that's maybe slight hyperbole given that it's been eight years waiting for Half-Life 3 and only two years since the last major instalments - Pokemon X and Y (that's not counting Pokémon ORAS cause they're technically remakes). But it's still been a while with little news about the next instalment in Nintendo's wildly popular franchise.

As always in cases where there's a vacuum of information rumors circulate, fuelled by the littlest pieces of information. Some are nonsensical - such as the rumor that Pokémon Z would release in December 2015 - whilst others carry perhaps more than a gem of possibility.

This next one is somewhere in the middle of the plausibility spectrum, not impossible but without any solid evidence to back it up. Let's take a look at Dark Mewtwo...

Dark Mewtwo

Dark Mewtwo as he appears in Pokken Tournament
Dark Mewtwo as he appears in Pokken Tournament

So towards the end of last year a new version of Pokémon favourite Mewtwo appeared as part of a promo video for the upcoming Pokken Tournament - a Japanese arcade game which is coming to Wii U platform consoles this spring.

This new form of Mewtwo - dubbed Dark Mewtwo - appears in footage from the fighting game, and he does look like a weird version of the Mega Evolutions we've already seen in Pokémon X & Y.

Mewtwo's a bit of an iconic figure, appearing first in all his Gameboy glory in the first-gen Red and Green/Blue titles. He's already gained his first set of Mega Evolutions in the 3DS Pokémon X & Y, and speculation about the new Pokken Tournament form has been linked to the possibility of Dark Mewtwo being a further form of evolution, a second stage of Mega Evolution

Mewtwo's Mega Evolutions battle it out
Mewtwo's Mega Evolutions battle it out

Could he appear in Pokémon Z? Maybe. But we already know that the legendary Zygarde is probably going to be the main player in Pokémon Z, and having a further evolved Mewtwo would likely take away some of the steam from underneath this lesser legendary.

We also don't even know if he's going to be a playable character yet, so we'll have to hold out for further info on that count.

What About Pokémon GO?

We do know he's probably not appearing in Pokémon GO though, as GO is expected to release with the original first-gen Pokémon only. Of course there's always the possibility of having later-gen and Mega Evolved Pokémon being included further down the line or as time-exclusive event gift like the exclusive Shiny versions of Xerneas and Yveltal.

However, I wouldn't hold your breath on this rumor just yet. Pokken Tournament is being developed by third-party company Bandai Namco Entertainment, with The Pokémon Company publishing the beat-em-up game. Game Freak are the usual developers of the main Pokémon series; so whilst Dark Mewtwo being a Pokken Tournament exclusive isn't out-with the realms of possibility, it's unlikely.

For now, as always, we'll just have to keep waiting on the official line from Nintendo. And wait... and wait...


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