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Everyone possesses some form of talent, and Nathan Thomas Milliner is a man of many (as Yoda would say, "many talents he does have"). Milliner is an artist for Scream Factory, the company that releases our favorite horror classics on Blu-ray, and an artist for Horrorhound Magazine. He is also a writer and director, having worked on projects like Volumes of Blood and The Confession of Fred Krueger. Milliner's latest venture has been on paper in the form of life-like sketches of past Star Wars characters. Take a look at his work below and prepare to have your mind blown like the Death Star in A New Hope.

Boba Fett

Boba Fett is one of my favorite characters and this sketch is by far one of the best ever done of him.

C3-PO - 'A New Hope'

Not the funnest character to draw but of course one of the most important and one of the two first characters we see in the series.

- Milliner on this piece (Facebook)

This incredible sketch has already sold.


I don't know about you guys, but I think he captured Chewie perfectly.

Darth Vader

I can still remember seeing him for the first time as he entered that Rebel ship through the smoke. You immediately knew that was the bad guy and he was intimidating, scary and badass. Hopefully most children get exposed to Episode 4 first as most of us did. - Milliner

You can own this awesome Vader sketch for $125.

Grand Moff Tarkin

Is Tarkin your guy? You can own this sketch for $75.


If you lean more towards Han shooting first, you have to appreciate the detail in this phenomenal sketch.

Han Solo on Hoth

This piece looks like a still from Empire Strikes Back - it is full of so much detail. This particular look of Han's sparked a "what color is this dress?" situation. Is Han's coat blue or brown? I think more fans are arguing over this than the Han/Greedo situation.

Han Solo

Seriously, could these be any more amazing? Harrison Ford would be so proud.


Who doesn't love the Jawas? Are they not the coolest scavengers ever?

Luke Skywalker on Hoth

Luke went through a lot on Hoth (nearly freezing to death and having to lay inside of a Tauntaun that Han cut open to survive), but this sketch is amazing.

Luke Skywalker

I didn't even know it was possible to capture so much life on a piece of paper. Even Mark Hamill would love this piece.

Obi Wan Kenobi

Not even the Jedi master is a problem for the immensely talented Milliner.

Princess Leia

Every bit of Leia's spunk and beauty is evident in this amazing piece. You can own this sketch for $65.


This is the droid you're looking for. Milliner is selling this sketch for $125.


One of the most iconic images from the Star Wars franchise is that of a Stormtrooper. This piece is selling for $80.

TIE Fighter Pilot

How can you not admire such a fantastic talent? I for one cannot imagine how much time and skill goes into something like this.

Tusken Raider

Everyone's favorite hostile Tattooine natives. I, for one, loved the Sand People.

Wedge Antilles

Luke's partner in blowing up the Death Star looks incredible.


Attention to detail he paid. Any Star Wars fan would love this imagining of Yoda. Everything down to the tiny hairs on his head are there. I have never seen a more in-depth drawing of Yoda.

Kylo Ren

Darth Vader's ultimate fanboy and the son of (not going to spoil it for you) looks fantastic on paper. The detail put into his mask and his robe are phenomenal.


Move over Princess Leia, Rey is smart, beautiful and tough. Milliner captured her perfectly - not a detail missing.

How incredible are these sketches? I know I have an even greater respect for those with the talent to produce such great works of art. These classic characters are phenomenal, but I, for one, would love to see Nathan Thomas Milliner take on more of the Force Awakens characters (like BB-8) - they would be amazing.


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