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I love great characters, solid plots and an intriguing story line to pull me in. There's also nothing better than a visual medium that makes
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It's important to note that I grew up in the late 90's so I only knew my 90's cheese and my millennial stuff. But once I was a teen I always sought my childhood, as I never got to watch more cartoons when I was young and actually was more of a gamer, as at that time, a lot of people my age were too.

As time went on, I was only fascinated by the Pokemon game not the show, because the show wasn't really into and if I was, I had to watch it in Bahasa Malaysia so I didn't really fancy that(BTW, that's because I had to watch cartoons on national television)

So, I only remember watching Power Rangers, Spongebob Squarepants, Kim Possible and American Dragon. And not much after that, some of the Disney Afternoon I watched like Quack Pack and also House of Mouse, and like a version of Daffy Duck that was like in space I forgot what was that show called though.

Point is that I never caught wind of a lot of American sitcom tv shows, the only ones I knew was Suite Life, That's So Raven and like Hannah Montana, Even Stevens as well and oh, the Lizzy Mcguire show. But other then that, no, I never heard of it. And those were my childhood basically not really much cartoons, and if I watched a lot of it, it was during my teens, and so I was like a freak or something I don't know, but I was always nostalgic for the shows.
Especially Avatar: The Last Airbender, which I've gone on to talk about before, so I won't go into this much, but what I will go into is this show.
I mean this is one of those shows that I heard of a lot and I was like yo, I've never heard of that, and so I watched it after college(I'm still in university though). And I found it to be really enjoyable, I mean, not only because Will Smith is so debonair but also because of the writing, I mean this was really good writing and was produced by music legend Quincy Jones.

And so what this show has is loads of heart, because it takes a lot to take a story that has such a long theme but it also kept Will Smith relevant because, I think in his heart he knew that his music career was not going too far, because at that time there was a lot of one hit wonders and musicians not being able to take it all the way.
Thus, one of the most illustrious movie careers was born. And a legend like him will always have to thank this one show, that kept his career in Hollywood alive


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