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I love great characters, solid plots and an intriguing story line to pull me in. There's also nothing better than a visual medium that makes
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Growing up with three sisters, it's not a wonder why I watched this show as a kid. But little did I know, nor did I want my friends to know was that I actually liked it.
And it was because I related to Ron Stoppable.

I mean he was the clumsy one and the doof, and I really liked Rufus, the naked mole rat, bro, that guy was awesome.

And I also found that Kim was a pretty badass girl like she's a spy and like I don't really know how, but like she incorporates her cheerleading into it and I don't know, I just enjoyed it. Plus those, brothers were pretty awesome as well, because, like they were so destructive and thus, like just being boys and I never got to do that yo. Anyways, I also liked Wade, her advising friend, whom by the way, we only like meet once, but I wanna know how they met like how they came to be.
And I also found it interesting that she had two dark skinned people, Monique and Wade, but other then that, no representation of other races, maybe that head cheerleader gal but other then that, not really and if that's my only problem then it's fine.

And the chemistry between Kim and Ron was always, flattering, I mean it reminded me a lot of Starfire and Robin, and so like obviously like I literally like applauded when I saw them finally get together. And like, I ate that up man. But sadly life isn't like that.

What else can I say but, the villains am I right? Especially Drakken and Shego and that the ape monkey karate guy.

In other words this show was the kind of high school 90's chum that I just ate up, just like High School Musical,and I really enjoyed it at those times but you know I still like it today.


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