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Good old Saint Nick clearly wanted his reputation to remain untarnished by employing a league of anti-Santas to do all of his dirty work.

Saint Nicholas was praised and loved by all for distributing presents to the good at Christmas, while his lowly companions were left with the job of handing out punishments to those that were naughty.

One such companion was Hans Trapp, the French version of the traditional German figure, Knecht Ruprecht.

The Story of Hans Trapp

Hans Trapp
Hans Trapp

The legend of Hans Trapp was based on a real man named Hans von Trotha. Said to be a rich and greedy man that fought with his neighbors over land and worshipped Satan, the evil Hans Trapp was eventually excommunicated by the Catholic Church and was exiled to the forest.

From then on he was known as the Black Knight, and legend has it that he would prey upon children, disguised as a scarecrow, and that once he even tried to gobble up a little boy.

Parents continue to use the scary story of Hans Trapp to frighten children into good behavior at Christmas time.

"You better be good or Hans Trapp will come and get you!"

Check out the trailer for Krampus, the most famous anti-Santa of all:

Merry Christmas!

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