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Yesterday I spent a great amount of time working on this fan cast of mine. My apologies if the list was not comprehensive enough, it was broken down into parts though. Any who, if you are like me, then one cannot read the news fast enough and loves to speculate with others on upcoming movies. The studios are under a great amount of pressure to cast these roles, since every movie could make the billion dollars club. As I am making this list I must consider the age of the cast all ready in place, and if the actor (or actress) would fit the role. Some of my picks are biased (obviously, it is a fan cast) and others are what I believe would benefit the studio in terms of the all mighty dollar. Also the list is primarily made up of characters almost guaranteed to show up at one point and if you feel I have left someone out that should be in, comment. Please Enjoy!

Squirrel-Girl (Marvel)

Possible - Emma Watson, Anna Kendrick, Gemma Arterton, Emily Browning

Why - In the recent months, Squirrel-Girl finds out that she is not a mutant. She will be in the MCU, and what traits does one need in order to immerse herself as Queen of the Nuts? She needs to be funny, cute, and have a hidden strength to her acting abilities. If the MCU can sell Ant-Man then this long-tail hero should be battling in phase four. If Marvel can lock down a highly gifted actress to bring gravitas to this nut-crazed vixen then we all are in for a treat.

Top Pick - Emma Watson (she bested Anna Kendrick, because of Harry Potter and Anna did not do action in the Twilight Saga.)

White Tiger (Marvel)

Possible - Selena Gomez, Vanessa Hudgens, Gina Rodriguez, Natalie Martinez

Why - In Jessica Jones, Jessica mentioned Angela Del Toro, she has worn the amulet of the White Tiger. I hope this is just mentioned to show that the White Tiger exists in the MCU and the real wearer of the claws, Ava Ayala. This is the character Marvel seems to be thrusting in our minds with shows, comics, and action figures. Ava will have to be strong, smart, fierce and it is going to be in the MCU, funny. Anyone of these actresses could play the striped hero, but one I think could do a claw-riffic job. (Sorry for the poor word-play, it is boring to write the same name over and over again.)

Top Pick - Gina Rodriguez, she would be an amazing part of the MCU.

Jason Todd/The Red Hood (DC)

Possible - Liam Hemsworth, Alex Pettyfer, Jake Abel, Paul Dano

Why - The biggest problem I have casting this character, is of course age. Batfleck is super tall and experience in franchises would help this actor. Jason must be very angry, therefore the voice comes into play under the Red Hood. Also he must be a little younger than Nightwing and also have a physical presence matching Batman's. Rumor has it he will be included in the next Batman solo film and I for one cannot wait.

Top Pick - Liam Hemsworth

Medusa (Marvel)

Possible - Emma Stone, Bryce Dallas Howard, Keira Knightley, Eva Green

Why - Medusa is queen of the Inhumans and she is also one tough person. The actress playing this role will take the lead in the Inhumans movie for Marvel, due to Blackbolt wh cannot speak for fear of decimating cities. All of these actresses can play this part, but only one of them has the franchise capabilities to making this feel more than an X-Men rip-off.

Top Pick - Keira Knightley, she screams royalty and she is awesome.

Black Canary (DC)

Possible - Mia Wasikowska, Teresa Palmer, Blake Lively, Amber Heard

Why - I had already picked my Green Arrow 'Eddie Redmayne', because these two characters are the pinnacle of love in the DC comics. She has to be beyond ferocious since she is considered one of the best hand-to-hand combatants in the DC universe. She has a lot of intangibles that any actress would enjoy to play, and she is also very kind. Since the comic boom, no actor is off-limits in the pursuit to play a villain or a hero.

Top Pick - Mia Wasikowska, she would make an interesting choice.

Nightwing (DC)

Possible - Hunter Parrish, Robert Pattinson, Richard Madden, Dylan O'Brien

Why - This fan cast was the hardest one to make due to the respect I have for Dick Grayson. This actor basically has to be a nicer Batman, and come off totally independent in the bat-family. I cannot wait to see who Warner Bros. picks as the original Robin. This character has to have an edge and also leading capabilities. As I look over actors and their body of work, theirs only one that truly stuck out for me. (Please be free to explain your pick.)

Top Pick - Richard Madden, Yes Robb Stark, I know size might be an issue, but I believe he would own this role.

Supergirl (DC)

Possible - Amber Heard, Emma Stone, Blake Lively, Chloë Grace Moretz

Why - DC would be immensely wrong in not putting Supergirl in their cinematic universe. I am really starting to enjoy the show on CBS, and since The Flash will have his own movie, why not interact the last of the Croutons (nope Kryptons) together? Basically I do not believe all heroes in the DC need to be doom and gloom. She would be an awesome addition to any ensemble. This actress could humanize and kick-ass while playing this role.

Top Pick - Emma Stone, she has the chops and also looks pretty darn similar.

Spider-Woman (Marvel)

Possible - Emmy Rossum, Amber Heard, Nina Dorbrev, Mila Kunis

Why - This is also a very tough cast to make, because is she going to be prominent in the films? Or Maybe in an upcoming Netflix series? Will she be a hybrid of the 616 and the Ultimate universes? Jessica Drew is way too interesting of a character not to have in their shared universe. Anyone of these actresses could do the role, but one displays the strength and vulnerability that encompasses Jessica Drew.

Top Pick - Amber Heard, she would kill as Spider-Woman.

She-Hulk (Marvel)

Possible - Alexandra Dadarrio, Amy Schumer, Blake Lively, Alice Eve

Why - Honestly why not bring in Jennifer Walters a.k.a. She-Hulk in the omnipotent Marvel universe. Her CGI would be too expensive for her to hulk out in any Netflix series. I have no clue how to introduce her in any movies, but I know you need a very capable woman to pull her off. She-Hulk has an inner strength that is vital in her character, because she retains herself when she becomes the jolly green. This actress already pulls off everything we was fans love about She-Hulk.

Top Pick - Alexa... NO Amy Schumer because she is all really intelligent and funny.

The Riddler (DC)

Possible - Leonardo DiCaprio, Matt Damon, Tom Hardy, Jim Parsons

Why - Any villain in Batman's rogue gallery must be played by an A-lister. This actor would totally nail this roll and bring one of the B-man's greatest villains to life, way better than Jim Carrey (He was not bad, but really wasn't that good either). Give this man any role and he will not disappoint.

Top Pick- Leonardo DiCaprio

Moon Knight (Marvel)

Possible - Matt Czuchry, Andrew Lincoln, Matt Bomer, James Franco

Why - I really hope that this will become a Netflix series. Marc is very violent, and the whole mental illness aspect of his personality will make very interesting TV. He is a very complicated person and any of these actors would suffice. As I watch this one actor week-in and week-out, I know he could pull off the complex emotions and also be a leading man in the MCU.

Top Pick - Matt Czuchry of The Good Wife, this was a very close call between him and Matt B. He is very talented and I would love to see what he brings to this nuanced hero.

Black Cat (Marvel)

Possible - Lily Collins, Alexandra Dadarrio, Emilia Clarke, Elizabeth Gillies

Why - The toughest part of casting this character is finding an actress that would not convey creepiness in stalking a High School boy. Yes, Black Cat is well endowed in all physical areas, but the actress must walk the line of good and bad. She is a friend to Spider-Man, and also wanted by the law. She is a very interesting character and I hope that Marvel brings her to life. She should be a little older than Tom Holland, but still immature enough to pull of the cat's swag.

Top Pick - Alexandra Daddario has the body, but Elizabeth Gillies (Sex, Drugs, Rock N Roll and she has the body also) would make for a more interesting Black Cat.

The next big MCU/DCEU movies hitting the silver screen are Captain America: Civil War and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Check out the trailers!

Thank you for reading and I hope you notice how badly this industry needs to start casting some female leads. I also went safe with only casting the race compared to the source material. If you have any questions feel free to comment. Part 3 will be posted tomorrow.


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