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Having one Star Wars film a year sounds like a dream come true and something that fans would never have thought would ever live to see the day. Now that Disney owns Star Wars the Marvel formula has been put upon the franchise in a sense that we will be getting at least one Star Wars movie a year, with the possibility of more in the future. There is a lot to explore in the large universe that has been created and the best thing this franchise needs is expansion.


This can go either way for you while those who really enjoyed the old EU, which is now called Legends, they were officially labeled as no longer being canon to the Star Wars universe. While they never were officially canon to begin with, it was a nice way for you to connect them with the movies. Now under the new canon there have already been a few book, comics, and even upcoming things in the works that will be heading our way in the future. There are probably a large group of fans who aren't bothered by this change nor care about anything that isn't the movies. I've seen good points made that no one should tell anyone what is canon or not canon and that the stories should be enjoyed anyway, which is a good way to look at things.

Even though a lot of those old stories are not longer connected with the movies doesn't change the fact that they are good stories and that also doesn't change them not showing up in the movies or the new canon at all. My worry is that one day this canon will start to contradict each other or even add things that shouldn't be added to the stories. Primarily towards the movies and adding events in between those movies that end up not being mention in the films at all.


Probably the biggest concern for most fans out there, Saturation is the point where people start to get tired of something or are never given a break for anticipation to build. This is something that has only just recent begun to hit superhero movies and we've haven't even hit the point at its most saturated. Back to what I was saying before with there being Star Wars films every year, this is something that will greatly contribute to this and even with canon. It is all about how creative and how many risks they take going forward. Playing it safe will only get you so far before you have to try something new and change up the formula. If they do this with Star Wars, I can see it lasting for a long time.


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