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Pokemon Tower Defense is in fact a unique mixture of RPG and Tower Defense game, that’s why it is so popular today. The game was developed in 2012 year by 2 very talented developers, Sam and Dan and soon after release was named the most popular game of the year. Let’s find out why the game is so interesting and popular before starting to play it. At the beginning of the game, you will have to register an account, this is a very easy process but very important, because you will be able to save your progress into account and then continue playing anytime you want.

In Online Pokemon games, every stage of the Story mode requires you absolutely different thing to do to get victory.In fact, the towers you are placing on the stage before starting the round, are your pokemons. All of them have different skills so you must carefully place them on the right spot to make your defense line strong and powerful. When the enemy will come, you won't have to do anything, your pokemon towers are fighting automatically. Also keep in mind, that you can level up your towers but some money is needed for this. Also you will find a lot of hidden treasure in the game and many many other interesting things that will make your gaming experience awesome.

In the end I would like to say, that if you love pokemons, if you love tower defense games, this is the Best Pokemon game for you. Even though the graphics is not so good as it should be, the game will help you to kill several hours playing a really interesting and addictive game.Hope you will become a member of our family and visit our website to play the Pokemon Tower Defense game anytime you would like at Pokemon Games Unblocked.


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