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The Hunger Games is my favourite serie ever, ever (and The Maze Runner), and I love all the movies so, so much. And there are so many great characters here. Here's a list of my favourite Hunger Games characters and why:


I just love him. He is so brave, daring, sweet, loving, hot... He is the best character ever. He has had such a sad and depressing life, and is such a strong guy. I have a million reasons to like him. He crushes every other character in this trilogy and I wish we could have gotten more of him. Much more! And when he die in the last movie I cried as I have never cried before. It was so freaking sad. He didn't deserve that!


I'm officially Team Peeta. He is so sweet, loving, caring and The perfect boyfriend. Who wouldn't want their own Peeta? And he didn't deserve to be hijacked. It was so heartbreaking when he was like that. I love that he got a happy ending with Katniss. *sobs.

3. Gale Hawthorne

Gale is very strong, brave, angry and loving. He loves Katniss and supports her. He is a great guy, and has so much rage against the Capitol (and I don't blame him). I felt sorry for him when Katniss said "Goodbye Gale", and they wouldn't see each oter again. It wasn't his fault Coin used his and Beetees bomb to kill Prim. So heartbreaking.

4. Katniss Everdeen

She has been through so much and lost so many. Her father died when she was a child. She had to take care of her family. She competed in The Hunger Games two times. She lost some of her best friends (Rue, Cinna, Finnick). And she lost her sister. She is a great role model and a serious badass.

5. Haymitch Abernathy

I feel so sorry for this guy. He had to compete in The Hunger Games. Everyone he loved was killed by Snow. He drowned his sorrow in alcohol. And he had to witness kids he mentored die in the arena in many, many years. And he didn't really didn't get a happy ending. So sad!

6. Primrose Everdeen

Though, we didn't see all too much of her, she was a great character. She gives such good advices, she is very kind, and she has been through a lot. It was so sad when she died. I hate Coin as much as Snow now. *sobs.

7. Johanna Mason

She is extremely cool and a real badass. She has lost everyone she loves, but she can still kick ass! She is just so cool and great. We should have seen more of her. Seriously.

That was a list of my top 7 Hunger Games characters. This is a list of the worst Hunger Games deaths:


Why? Why the hell would you kill this beautiful guy. He was the best character in the entre series, and you just killed him off? How dare you! He had just gotten married to Annie :( And he didn't even get the chance to see his son! And he sacrificed his life for everyone else in the sewers, especially Katniss. Why? Why? This is the worst death ever! Ever! *sobs.

2. Primrose Everdeen

She was so sweet. So innocent. So kind. She was the reason why Katniss went into the games. She is why Katniss fought. Without her, there wouldn'til be a Hunger Games series. And then she just dies? WTF? She didn't deserve that. I cried when she died, and at the Buttercup scene. Why did she have to die? Why?

3. Rue

She was so cute and young. I knew she was going to die, since Katniss was going to win, BUT... I just can't. I cried when she died, and it was so heartbreaking when Katniss covered her in flowers when she died. *sobs.

4. Cinna

This was a real shock in the cinemas, and tears starter running down my cheeks. I got the chills and my heart beat really fast. Why did he die? It was so unexpected and sad. Why des Snow have to kill every good character? Like, really?

5. Boggs

He was a great character. He really cared for Katniss and he died such a horrible death. It was so sudden. So unexpected. It was so sad and I felt tears streaming down from my eyes when this happened. It was so sad.

So that was a list of the saddest Hunger Games deaths. (Sobs because of Finnick). What is you favourite character? Which death do you thing was the saddest? (sobs again because of Finnick).

Just look at his smile. I mean, THAT SMILE!


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