ByAndrew Daley, writer at
Andrew Daley

Less than a week after Star Wars: The Force Awakens was released in cinemas, and the fever has well and truly sunk it's way into every aspect of the UK capital's life.


If you're caught hopping on the tube this week then staff will not only fine you, but also supposedly submit you to the greatest torture of them all, revealing the ending to The Force Awakens. This is surely more than a hearty enough deterrent to scare off all those rogue smugglers, hoping to avoid a bounty whilst hopping through the tube lines illegally in London.

This isn't the first time however that Transport For London staff have referenced Star Wars in quotes on their additional information boards (these boards being available to view, chocked full of helpful nuggets, at the surface level of every station), as travellers previously in 2009 were serenaded with the glorious tunes of John Williams...

And if you made it onto the tube on the night of The Force Awakens premiere last week in Leicester Square, you may have even seen film attendees waving their lightsabers (free from the premiere) in mock battles on underground platforms.

There are clearly some die-hard Star Wars fans working at underground stations...

Definitely if they're quoting The Phantom Menace..

And it looks like all Londoners are joining in with Star Wars Mania, not just tube staff, with Nelson's Column being lit up like a giant lightsaber.


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