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Marshall Morgan

In the world of comics many superheroes had formed a romantic bond but one that was rejected twice would have to be Marvel's prodigal son SpiderMan and the X-Men's powerful bad girl Rogue. This is a pairing that we almost got in many Marvel incarnations over the years so today I will list 3 reasons why Marvel should make it happen.

1) It happened briefly in X-Men: Forever

In the X-Men comic X-Men Forever Rogue touched Nightcrawler and for some reason they switched powers and then one night SpiderMan saved her. They continued to run into each other often and almost kiss before she got a headache. So now you see that they almost got the chance to be together but didn't it would've been a perfect setup for their relationship.

2) In the 90s Animated Marvel Universe she tried to hit on him

All I can say is If this happens in the comics it would be funny.

3) He Dated X-Women before

Oh yeah it could happen again as the dynamic between the two characters would have them as partners and then fall in love much like he did with Kitty Pryde. As far as I know it should happen.

So what's your opinion in the comments below? And if you agree sign this petition...


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