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During the first day of the "Awakening Force" broke the record and the December weekend - "Unexpected Journey" was able to collect in three days just $ 84.6 million.

$ 238 million

The new part of the "Star Wars" has collected at the box United States and Canada $ 238 million just for the first weekend. This is a new record for Hollywood, which is unlikely to be quickly broken.

The PR saga took part, many large companies such as Google, Mastercard. Facebook and others.

1 million rubles

The Moscow City Court upheld the dismissal of a claim Muscovite, who was trying to recover from the Apple nearly 1 million rubles for LGBT emoticons on iPhone.

According to the Court, "itself a possible single accidental discovery of information about the child unconventional relationship is not a violation of law."

$ 2 million

Roman Abramovich will invest $ 2 million in Israeli start-MelCap Systems, which is developing "e-tablet" from obesity. This device with magnets is moved to a different location in the stomach and can control the feeling of fullness.


Deliveries of smartphones for the year rose by 7.7%. In the third quarter of 2015, in the rankings on the number of units shipped in the lead Samsung (25,6%) and Apple (14,5%), behind them there is a Huawei (7,4%), Lenovo (4,8%) and LG ( 4.5%).

Chinese manufacturers have come on the heels of major vendors, but in the overall standings are losing them.


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