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In case you even need a reminder, this will contain spoilers for 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens', so I would skip this post if you haven't seen it yet. Come back and have fun once you catch up!

Disney is pretty notorious for hidden clues, or easter eggs, in their films and it would appear that Star Wars is no different. Within [Star Wars: Episode VII — The Force Awakens](tag:711158) there are plenty of little treats to remind us of the previous films, as well as some hints to what might be coming in the future.

6. References to the Clone Army

When arguing about the fact that the First Order's Stormtrooper program experienced its first defector, Kylo Ren questions General Hux about the validity of the program. When doing so, he hints that perhaps the First Order should use a Clone Army. This, of course, references the Empire's use of the Kamino clones previously used as Stormtroopers.

5. How about that busted motivator?

Remember how the Millennium Falcon's motivator was busted? This references all the way back to A New Hope when Luke finds the busted motivator on the R5-D4 droid purchased by uncle Owen.

4. What about a game of Dejarik?

There were quite a few easter eggs hidden within the Millennium Falcon. One of these was the holochess game, Dejarik. Finn accidentally stumbles across the game. We previously saw the game in action when Chewbacca was battling against C-3PO and R2-D2 in A New Hope.

3. The Combat Remote

Speaking of Falcon antiques, after Chewbacca is blasted and Finn is given the order to patch him up, he comes across a familiar looking tool while looking for medical supplies. This item Finn tosses aside is indeed the Marksman-H combat remote used by Luke in A New Hope under the instruction of Obi-Wan Kenobi. Either the remote has remained on the Falcon this entire time or perhaps was used by Luke when instructing Kylo Ren (a.k.a. Ben Solo)?

2. Rey's X-Wing helmet is an impressive antique

If you thought the stray Rebel Alliance helmet in Rey's possession looked familiar, join the club. This antique X-Wing helmet has already been dissected by die-hard Star Wars fans online, but the origin of the helmet is definitely both a reference and might be a hint to the future. The translation of the helmet's text apparently reads "RHAE." Could this perhaps be the origin of her name? Perhaps maybe a hint to who left her on Jakku as a small child? Let's also not forget about her makeshift Rebel pilot doll she has inside of her AT-AT home.

1. Yes, 2187 should have sounded familiar

Finn's original Stormtrooper number was FN-2187. This number might have sounded familiar because it is. Princess Leia's cell number inside the Death Star was 2187. It also references the Arthur Lipsett short film, 21-87, that first caught George Lucas's sci-fi interests.

Aside from the fun eggs we had, there were also some interesting cameos and tidbits. Here are some that you might not have caught.

  • Simon Pegg is Unkar Plutt, our Jakku junk dealer.
  • Billie Lourd is Lieutenant Connix. Lourd is the daughter of Carrie Fisher.
  • Director, writer, and epic Star Wars buff Kevin Smith has an uncredited voice contribution. It has yet to be detected by viewers, so the chance to figure it out is still available!
  • Bar patrons of Maz Kanata's establishment include 30 Rock star, Judah Friedlander, and Return of the Jedi icon, Warwick Davis. Also present was the Force for Change charity winner, D.C. Barnes.
  • Daniel Craig plays the Stormtrooper who falls victim to Rey's Jedi mind trick. Other famous Stormtroopers hidden within the First Order's ranks are longtime Abrams collaborator, Michael Giacchino (FN-3181), and Radiohead producer, Nigel Godrich (FN-9330).
  • Ewan McGregor reprised the role of Obi-Wan Kenobi by lending his voice to Rey's vision. Alec Guinness's voice was also manipulated to say Rey's name at the beginning of her vision.
  • BB-8 wasn't just a bunch of beeps and boops. The droid's voice was actually created via iPad apps by SNL alum Bill Hader and Parks and Recreation actor, Ben Schwartz.
  • There are a lot of familiar faces from HBO's Game of Thrones such as Gwendoline Christie, Jessica Henwick, and Thomas Brodie-Sangster.
  • Adam Driver and Oscar Isaac previously worked together on the Oscar-nominated film, Inside Llewyn Davis.
  • J.J. Abrams's assistant, Morgan Dameron, appears as the Resistance officer in shock while watching the Starkiller beam coming to destroy the Republic. She was also the inspiration for the last name of our Resistance pilot, Poe Dameron.
  • Abrams's grandfather, Kelvin, is always present in his work. Star Trek had the U.S.S. Kelvin, Super 8 had Kelvin Gasoline, and in The Force Awakens BB-8 was told to stay off Kelvin Ridge.

Find any more Easter Eggs that I missed? Leave a comment!


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