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So far I was more optimistic than most about DC's plans to develop their Movie Universe into the Justice League. I was actually pretty glad they picked Zack Snyder to kick off the DC series because I personally loved Watchmen, though I think his dark tonal sensibilities certainly would have been better applied to Bats. Ben Affleck is the man and I am not ashamed to say it, I was behind Batfleck from the start. I started to hesitate with the casting of whiny, awkward Jesse Eisenberg for menacing genius super villain Lex Luthor and nothing I've seen or heard has changed my mind. I remained positive, until I saw the seemingly jumbled mess of how they plan to desperately catch up to Marvel.

Why do we fall? So we can get kicked in the teeth?

I thought I was supposed to be the brooding one...
I thought I was supposed to be the brooding one...

I like many long time fans of Supes, thought Zack Snyder's doom and gloom, desperation, despair, destruction, death and angst based motif was massively misplaced in a Superman film and went way too far with the destruction of almost all of Metropolis and Superman super neck snapping Zod just in the first movie. However, it seems that DC heard that fan reaction and felt it was a good idea to kick it up about 10 notches for the next one, they are blowing their proverbial load way too soon in their frantic catch up game with the MCU. It looks to be getting darker and darker from a nearly pitch black beginning too.

Did no one learn from Spider-Man doing this TWICE?

With great power comes poor short term memory...
With great power comes poor short term memory...

The next perceived major malfunction in the foundation of a DC Cinematic Universe is that you don't just dump all of the bricks on the ground without building your basis for doing so first. Like Sony before it Warner Brothers seems driven to do the perform same horrible strategy that destroyed the last two Spider-Man series, putting way too many characters both heroes and villains into one film with no prior introduction to almost any of them.

We already know Superman will be a villain to Batman at one point, then turn to fight Luthor who has created Doomsday from the remains of Zod. At some point Wonder Woman will apparently just show up to save them both with neither of them having any prior knowledge of her and proceed to fight their battle with them with no readily apparent motivation. It's safe to assume Aquaman will swim up at some point and maybe throw a shark or two at Doomsday along with a potential rebooted Green Lantern appearance.

The Reverse MCU Method of Madness

Krypton and Gotham's super power couple haha!
Krypton and Gotham's super power couple haha!

It's been proven to be nearly impossible to give just three new characters a meaningful introduction in the span of a single two hour super hero film and this one plans to present a possible five with Bruce Wayne, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Aquaman, Lex Luthor and Doomsday. Whereas Marvel's success is largely derived from many of its characters getting a multitude of introductory films to build a connection with them and properly flesh out their origins before their eventual team up which was all the more effective after getting to know them so well before they banned together to beat bad guys.

What DC seems to be doing is the exact opposite of everything that made Marvel great and the exact same thing that made Sony fail two times before. Whether or not Snyder and Warner Bros will be able to pull off the previously impossible stunt of fittingly portraying that many characters with full respect and close attention to their detailed backgrounds for their multitude of fans is as of yet uncertain. That being said, I still can't wait for the Batfleck stand alone, Suicide Squad, Harley Quinn's first feature and Leto's rendition of the Clown Prince of Crime. Let's just hope Zack can match the merits of Brad Bird before then.


What do you think of the plans for DCU vs. MCU?


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