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James Ortiz

Loved it! Now that that's out of the way, I have a couple thoughts.

First about Phasma because that costume is the shit. She's supposed to have a bigger role in the upcoming films, but that couldn't be with the First Order right? I mean, she just lowered the shields on the frickin Starkiller Base just to save her own ass. There is literally no way the First Order would let her live after that. I certainly hope that's not just brushed under the carpet.

Second, I've seen a ton of comlaints about Kylo Ren's temper tantrums, and probably more importantly his weakness. He was defeated by an untrained girl. I think we have to remember that he is supposed to mirror Vader in many ways, and even if we hate it, the prequels are canon. I think they did a good job showing his conflicted nature and rage without making him nearly as annoying and whiny as grown up Anakin. The fact that he was bested by Rey didn't bother me as much. He was wounded. We don't know how much training Rey has had, and we don't know how old Ren was when he began his training. I think this point could be the most interesting going forward. We know he wiped out the jedi order with the help of the Knights of Ren, but he is likely not the most powerful member of the Knights at this point. Snoke would have made him the leader because of his natural force sensitivity and lineage, not because of his current ability. He may just have by far the most potential.

Last point, though I guess it's more of a question. Kylo Ren is obviously obsessed with his grandfather. That seems to be his main motivation for turning to the dark side, right? So, has anyone told him that Vader turned his back on the dark side right before his death? Wouldn't that be the first argument you threw at him if you were trying to get him to return to the light? Anyway, those thoughts have been weighing on my mind since I saw the movie. Even though I've seen them all, I'm certainly not an expert, so feel free to rip me apart.


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