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As we leave the cinema, I glance up at my younger brothers face searching for any reaction. I'm anxious, I mean I've been a Star Wars fan since I can remember. But my brother on the other hand... Its more than an interest, its a passion, part of his upbringing. Ever since renting 'A New Hope' on our usual Blockbuster Friday nights some time in the early 2000's, my brother was hooked.

Not that we found Star Wars on our own. Our fellow cinema companion was our father. An original Star Wars fan, he used to wait in the garage for my brother on his days off in the dark wearing his Darth Vader Mask, and his red light saber. Sometimes waiting for hours on end.

So all and all, this movie was very important to us. To say the least.

My brother is still silent. I'm really worried. I've loved the film, but his opinion is very important to me. Normally when he watches a film he is the first to comment or criticize (usually the later).

'So...urm Sam, you going to tell me what you think?'

'I...I...I....Loved it'

It turned out he loved the film so much, he actually shed tears of joy during one of the fight scenes.

So why was it so right? How did it capture the same magic that made us all fall in love with the original trilogy in the first place?

I think the major component which made the film such a success was the combination of both the new and the old. Particularly the ease in which the two were combined.

The past of the original trilogy was regularly implemented in the film, whether this was old familiar sights such as the millennium falcon, old lovable characters, familiar dialogue 'I have a bad feeling about this', or the same corny easy going humor. Even old cinematic techniques, many would consider outdated with the common use of CGI, were used (I'm talking about puppets, big sweaty costumes, real explosions and the like)

What JJ. Abrams did, was take this same magic, and dusted it off, touched it up and made it better then ever before. New characters drove the plot with bigger purpose, new technologies brought the universe we love to a greater degree of reality. The plot was driven forward, it did not stagnate or reverse as many thought it might. As Maz Kanata, a new character states in the film...

"Dear child! The longing you seek is not behind you, it is in front of you"

It was more than a film. It was more than a story.

It was a taste of our favorite yesterdays, and the excitement of our future tomorrows.


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