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Back in 2009 I watched Roland Emmerich's new watch-everything-get-destroyed-athon and I enjoyed it, for what it was.

Here's a very brief (quasi stream-of-consciousness) account of some of my thoughts while watching, in roughly chronological order.

- Neutrinos?

- Is that possible?

- Wow, I'm half done my popcorn and the movie's barely started.

- Give your dad a break!

- Woody Harrelson makes an awesome crazy guy.

- Would you just listen to John Cusack?

- Go, go, go, go!

- Holy crap...goooooooooooo!

- Wow, I'm sitting in Southern California as I watch it get destroyed.

- Gooooooooooo!

- Was that a subway?

- Haha. As if!

- Seriously?

- Yeah. THAT could happen.

- Well, isn't THAT convenient?

- That would really suck.

- I don't wanna get struck by a huge tidal wave in 3 years.

- I REALLY need to go to the bathroom but I don't wanna miss this.

- How are you going to make it to China NOW?

- Oh, of course. How silly of me.

- Did they just...

- You built HOW MANY of those things in 3 years?

- Well, that's not very nice.

- Damn! That's a hell of a way to go!

- Gooooooooooooo!

- You tell them, Mr. Super Moral Scientist Guy!

- Whew, that was close.

- Swim John Cusack, swim!

- Now what are you going to do?

- I can barely get up, I have to pee so badly.


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