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The episode starts with Goku and Freiza standing absolutely face to face. As they have a deadly stare battle standing very close. I really liked this scene; it created the 2 old rivals meet again, sit back kids because we are going to have a one hell of a fight feel.

Then they attack each other with their forearms, hand to hand, no one getting the advantage. Then they kind of go into a grappling move and both power up. As we see the ground shakes and effects of their power surrounding them. This fight shall be very relatable to the WWE fans. It adapted a lot of wrestling style actions. Rick flair fans could relate more. !

At this point, I would like to mention that, story and character development wise this series adaption is running better than the resurrection F movie. On the other hand, Animation wise and graphics quality wise Resurrection F remains quite a few level above this one.

The character and style of Frieza is being depicted here perfectly. It shows us how dirty and dastardly Frieza can get. In true sense Frieza was never a fighter. He was that evil guy who wants to destroy everything for his benefits. To him it doesn’t matter how he does it. He doesn’t want to prove a point by beating them the fair way. He is a true conqueror a pure evil that’s all he stands for. And this is reflected upon his action in this episode.

He goes very dirty. In both his moves and strategies, he attacks others to distract Goku. Frieza takes the advantage of Goku’s weakness in the battlefield.. Yes, Goku’s friends and family.

First case, Frieza throws a blast towards Krillen and Gohan standing beside him. Goku ruses and deflects the blast away. Frieza taking the opportunity catches Goku off guard lands some attack. Second case, Frieza throws another blast towards Bulma and the Galactic Patrolman. Distracted Goku also took a shot from Frieza being unable to save Bulma from the attack. Obviously, Vegeta did deflect the beam and saved his wife. !

Now what Dragon Ball Super did with Vegeta at this point was just perfect. The Vegeta we know would absolutely lose his mind after this and probably power up to his max form and go attack Frieza right away. But, now we see the result of Vegeta’s training with Whis. As we know Vegeta’s over confidence, anger and lack of self control was viewed as a lacking by Whis. And during this time Whis must have trained Vegeta to be in control and we see the effect.

But, yes we all love the badass Vegeta. And they did justice. They didn’t ruin the character. We see Vegeta’s expression of Rage but in a much more composed way. Even in a bit artistic way. And believe me it didn’t take the awesomeness away. He beautifully hinted that the rage will be unleashed at the right time. He rashes to Goku pushes him and be like WTF dude! Why aren’t you taking this seriously? Of-course the saiyan way, that is he goes right to Goku kicks form behind and then they we seed Vegeta fighting with Goku. But, it was clear that he didn’t trun against Goku. Still Tien utters ‘ Vegeta turned to the stronger side’ in a confusing voice. Bulma gets a bit astonished and runs towards the battle.

While Vegeta was trying to punch and kick Goku; Goku is dodging and like what are you doing vegeta. Frieza getting annoyed throws a beam towards them stopping the fight. And asks what ‘lord Vegeta’ was trying to do. His expression and later comments suggest he was thinking Vegeta switched sides. And then we see according to my opinion one of the finest DBS scene till now.

Vegeta actually turns to Frieza and utters- ‘Congratz to your resurrection lord frieza’

And starts Clapping slowly. Frieza finds that pleasant and appreciates. Sorbet exclaims if Vegeta is back!

But, this is where the scene turns epic.. Vegeta keeps clapping and clapping.

Vegeta gives a mocking and troll type smile while he continues clapping. A bit faster this time. Frieza freaks out and exclaims ‘STOP IT! IT’S HURTING MY EAR’. He gets absolutely frustrated and shouts furiously. Vegeta slowly stops clapping after finishing his perfect sarcasm. Vegeta shows a glimpse of his power but decides to calm down. Not disturbing Goku’s turn. Says if Goku doesn’t get serious and finish the bullshit, he will. A better controlled Vegeta with his usual awesomeness was perfectly shown.

Then Vegeta backs down, And Goku decides to go Super Saiyan God . As Master Roshi assumes that he has got even stronger and Krillen mentions how Goku always finds a way to increase power. King Kai is surprised about how Goku went god as he exclaims the superiority of the training Goku received.

This is where the episode end as the preview of Dragon Ball Super Episode 25 shows that Frieza will transform into his Gold form in the next episode of DBS. I believe Vegeta will transform to SSgod at the 26th episode and that is perhaps the episode where Frieza will be defeated or the 27th episode. However, the series may show a slightly different ending for the audience to observe something new.

And about the animation quality it might disappoint you. As it was a bit inconsistent, the character while looked good from the front sometimes looked awful from behind or sides. Ki attacks were not animated properly. The frame was inconsistent. However, I think they will refine it in the Blu-ray release and also in the refined dubbed version.

Overall it was a good episode.

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Golden Frieza
Golden Frieza

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