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Most people have seen two of Disney's newest movies (And no, I'm not taking about Big Hero 6), Frozen and Tangled! There has been spectulation on the theory that Frozen, Tangled, Little Mermaid, and Tarzan are all continued, but this theory will only focus on Frozen and Tangled.

Disclaimer: I did not come up with this theory, but MatPat from The Movie Theorists did. I am simply relaying the message.

This theory will change how you watch these two movies forever and proves that Elsa and Anna are NOT sisters, but Elsa and Rapunzel are twins. (Whaaa?)

Let's get into genetics. Elsa has blue eyes and Rapunzel has green. Both eyes are colors that a parent must have to pass on to their child, and it just so happens that the parents in Tangled have blue and green eyes (and I guess so do the parents in Frozen). Also, let's talk about their hair color. Blonde hair usually happens when you have a parent with the blonde hair gene. Now, neither family has the gene, but the mother in Tangled drinks a healing potion giving (both) the girls powers. (We'll get back to that later). Now both girls are left handed. We know this by Elsa performing most of her magic using her left hand and Rapunzel using her frying pan left handed. Left handed knees in twins is usually a 22% chance which is much better than the normal person's chances. We can also note that the mother in Tangled is left handed seeing her carrying Rapunzel left handed, gesturing left handed, ect. Now if a mother is left handed, that's already a 20% chance that you'll have a left handed kid.

With the genetics adding up, let's look to lore. Frozen is said to take place in Norway because of its fjords and geography and Tangled in Germany because of its orgins from Grimm's fairy tales. So these two countries are close to each other, and it we know that in Frozen, the parents go on a wedding to...somewhere. In the real world, 3 years after Tangled was released, Frozen came out. Now we know that Rapunzel is 18 towards the end of her movie and Elsa is 21 in the main part of hers. So doing simple math and seeing the time difference, we can see that they are BOTH 21, which is a huge seeing that most princesses in Disney are like 16 (Ariel and Jasimine).

Since most of the lore adds up, let's get to the next big thing. Powers. In 80 years of Disney, the only two princesses we see with powers in no other than Elsa and Rapunzel. Most people would say that their powers are completely opposite, Elsa's being cold and taking away life while Rapunzel's is warm and gives life. Sort of a yin yang thing. Except, when you think about it, their powers are actually the same. In the movies, we see Flynn dead from a stab wound and Anna dead from freezing. The twins both hug the dead victim and after a sad minute or two of crying, we see the victim come back to life. And I know what you're thinking: But Anna came back to life because of true love. First of all, you can argue, so did Flynn and second of all, Elsa's powers do involve giving life. Think about it. She does bring both Olaf and Marshmellow to life.

With all of that new information, doesn't the story make more sense. The poor queen of Corana (Tangled) is sick, but is healed with a potion. The queen safely gives birth to her twin kids. Rapunzel shows her powers right away while Elsa is normal. Mother Gospel realizes that Rapunzel has powers and kidnaps her to stay forever young. The king and queen of Corana are scared for Elsa, so send her to the neighboring kingdom of Arendell to protect her from Mother Gospel and will bring her back home when her twin appears again. The rulers of Arendell soon realize Elsa has powers and try to hide it, not knowing what to do. Rapunzel soon finds her way away from Mother Gospel and reunited with her sister at her coronation.

Make sense? If my version didn't, watch MatPat's. Trust me. It's great.


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