ByJames Marhevka, writer at

So in star wars 7 there were too many parities to the original..1 so Han and princess have a kid, that happens to be kin to luke who happens to be related to darts Vader.. question is since when did they have sex? ? So luke and ben are related hmm.. irony from the first 3..2 so luke has a daughter named rey?? Begs the question who the mom is?? 3 so luke kills Vader, and ben kills hans hmm where did we see that before? ?4 so the death star is blown up so let's build a planet the same way then have the same attack point for the most part.. 5 so we fly through a small area to get a lazer shot to blow up the first one, so ya you know my point pretty much the same thing except they fly into the area this time..5 since when do you know when to stop the hyper drive when your about to hit a planet and know your gonna get through the force field.

In my opinion I was so excited to see this movie until I saw it.. it made me feel they tried to make a political correct star wars. The actors that once we're great(but happy to see them) should of not been main actors Harrison Ford was bad way to old and looking it for this. Kinda happy they killed him in the movie but to do it on a walkway in the core sounds utterly way to familier . Luke looks like darth mals master at the end. Liela looks like we'll let's just say not a good fit.. and c3po was way to clean and refreshed and not his normal worry some sense..

But as a star wars fan I will go re-watch it and try to give a little more benefit to the movie because I grew up on it..


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