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So [Star Wars: Episode VII — The Force Awakens](tag:711158) has come out, and unsurprisingly, it's shattering box office records and pleasing fans everywhere! The film has already made over half a billion dollars in its opening weekend alone, and it doesn't seem to be slowing down at all!

One of the reasons the film is doing so well, besides ALL of the hype, is its impressive cast of characters. Filled with new faces and returning favorites, The Force Awakens has a handful of awesome characters! But as any Star Wars fan will tell you, none of them could be more likable than the original space smuggler himself, Han Solo!

When fans found out that Harrison Ford was returning to a galaxy far, far away, they cheered more than when the film itself was announced! It makes sense, seeing as how Han Solo is one of the coolest characters in the entire Star Wars canon! Or, was, at least...

Yes, it's unfortunate, but Han Solo met his end in Star Wars: The Force Awakens at the hands of Kylo Ren. Such an emotionally wrecking scene was predicted by a lot of people back when the movie was first announced. And to be fair, Harrison Ford has been petitioning for the death of the character since Return of the Jedi.

But this knowledge doesn't make the scene any less heartbreaking. And the fact that Kylo Ren turned out to be Ben Solo, his own son, just made it worse! But as sad a scene as it was, it was... totally necessary.

Now hold on, before you storm my house with pitchforks like a small village in a black and white horror movie, let me explain. Yes, I do believe that Han Solo's death was necessary in The Force Awakens. In fact, it was the most important thing to happen in the movie!

Now obviously, I'm incredibly sad at the loss of one of the coolest Star Wars characters ever. But while I'm mad that he died, I'm not mad at J.J. Abrams for putting it in the film.

That's because I believe that his death is just what the film, nay, the entire franchise needed. Why do I believe such a terrible thing?

His Death Affects EVERYONE!

Like I said, Han Solo is everyone's favorite, so it's no surprise that his death affected every Star Wars fan. But it wasn't just us that Han's untimely demise affected, it also affected most of the galaxy.

Throughout the The Force Awakens, we see just how many people Han's presence has touched, and how easy it is to see him as a father figure. I mean, within ten minutes of meeting him, Rey starts to see him as a mentor.

He's the only one who convinces her to think about leaving Jakku, and when he offers her a job, she seriously considers it. That's because Han Solo, with all of his charm, is the most human character in the movie. It's no surprise that Rey, and even Finn to an extent, see him as a father figure.

But it's not just those two Han has impacted. For better or worse, he's touched the lives of a ton of characters. From his old flame General Leia Organa, to Luke Skywalker himself! And those are just the main characters! Han, being a man of trade, has come across a ton of folks in the galaxy, and there's no way he didn't affect them in some way.

We see how much pull Han's face has in the galaxy when we meet Maz Kanata (portrayed by Lupita Nyongo). Her and Han have a very strange relationship, one that leads to her helping Han and the others in the movie. And in an earlier scene, Han encounters two criminal gangs that he owes money to. They might not have exactly been Team Solo, but he affected their lives nonetheless.

In a lot of ways, Han is just as influential and important to the galaxy as Luke Skywalker. Which is why news of his death will most certainly spread across the galaxy like wildfire. It's also why his death, tragic as it was, actually helped the movie and its main characters find their purpose in this new trilogy.

When Han died, everyone felt it. Not just the people watching, but the characters in the film as well. Shortly after Kylo Ren fatefully stabs Han, we see Leia, with a look of true heartbreak on her face. Even though she was far away when it happened, she could still feel it, making a sad occurrence ten times sadder!

And if that wasn't enough, Han had an actual audience to his death as well. Rey, Finn, and yes, Chewbacca saw Han Solo die. CHEWBACCA! Han and Chewie were more dynamic of a duo thanBatmanand Robin!

All of these characters knew Han, they all loved him. And like us, they felt nothing but pain when he was struck down by his own son. And though we didn't see it, I'm certain that Luke Skywalker felt his friend's presence in the Force slowly fade away...

Knowing all this, I believe that Han's death serves the most important purpose of them all. His death is the reason the good guys are gonna keep on fighting!

Han's Demise Will Fuel The Rebellion!

The First Order may have killed one of the most influential good guys in the series, but Han's death does nothing but fuel the desire of the Resistance! Like I said, Han has impacted a ton of characters in this movie. He became a mentor to Rey and Finn, and he of course influenced his friends Leia and Luke.

These characters won't let his death be in vain, and they'll make sure to do him proud by facing off against The First Order! Han, like Ben Kenobi and Yoda, will become a spirit in the Star Wars universe. Now, I don't know if he'll actually become a ghost like those two, but the point is that he won't be truly gone.

Rather, Han will be the foundation that keeps the Resistance standing. He'll be the reason they keep on fighting! Like Katniss, he will be their Mockingjay! Perhaps that's not the best analogy, but the point is, Han may be dead, but he's in no way gone.

That's why his death is so important. No one could bring everyone together better than Han, except maybe Luke. With him gone, The First Order might be thinking that the Resistance is in shambles. But it's quite the opposite actually.

His death only makes the Resistance stronger. It gives them another reason to fight. It gives them something else to stand for, someone to make proud! That's why I think, of all the characters in the galaxy that could die, it had to be Han. He's really the only one who could have such a large affect on everyone.

So what do you think? Was Han's death necessary? Or did J.J. make a big, irreversible mistake?


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