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Star Wars: The Force Awakens was just magnificent, don't you agree? Don't worry, if you have not yet seen the movie I'm not going to spoil it nor do I want to. (Let's also try and keep the comments spoiler free as well. Isn't the movie better that way?) The movie was great and in a couple of weeks Disney will no doubt have at least a billion dollars worth of proof. But this post isn't about The Force Awakens or the records it's broken or the thoughts of it's creators. This post is about how excited we all were for it to arrive. We waited for three agonizing years. Remember when we first learned there would be a seventh movie? I think Seth Myers was still the Weekend Update anchor back then. Yes, The Avengers had just beaten Loki and Gangnam Style was still a thing. Our excitement started there and culminated this weekend with the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens all over the world. Let's face it, this was a one time thing. In all likely-hood we'll never have to wait almost 40 years for the next part of a star wars story ever again. However, that DOESN'T mean we shouldn't be excited any more. The force just now woke up. We're just now seeing the beginning of Disney's Star Wars. Here are some things we can all still look forward too:

The EU Re-Awakens

Luke Skywalker and the original EU's Mara Jade
Luke Skywalker and the original EU's Mara Jade

Now that The Force Awakens has revealed the key plot points of what happened post-Battle of Endor, the rejuvenated EU can once again fill in every single tiny little crack in the story. We should expect back story for every character, location, and event in the movie and much more. If you've seen the movie then you're probably like me and are dying for this to happen anyway. Lucasfilm, we're ready for the doubtless hundreds of little story bits you've been holding off on!

More Lego Star Wars

This one may be just me, but my very first real video game was Lego Star Wars. It started the Lego games craze. Star Wars turned Lego into what it is today. Disney has already worked with Lego twice on Lego Marvel Superheroes and the upcoming Lego Marvel's The Avengers. There's nothing standing in the way of more Lego Star Wars games so let's get this show on the road! I'll even by a new game system if that's the only way!

Dave Filoni And The TV Team

Now that The Force Awakens is out and people have seen it, it's time for Dave and his team to fill in the time gaps as he's done so skillfully. There's been rumors of this since Star Wars Rebels season 2 was announced. I can't wait to see all of the amazing plot lines the story group thinks up but aren't lengthy enough for a movie. These shows like Rebels and The Clone Wars add depth and complexity to already deep and complex characters. These shows are tent-poles to the Star Wars universe and having two or more of them on air at once would be a great asset to Lucasfilm and Disney.

Star Wars Lands

Concept art for Star Wars land
Concept art for Star Wars land

Yes they're finally coming. Anyone who's ever been on Star Tours knows that just one Star Wars ride in a Disney park is NOT enough. Lucky for us, the Lands are coming. Disney is adding entire Star Wars themed lands to Disney's Hollywood Studios (has the name changed yet? I looked for it's new name but couldn't find it. Google has failed me for the last time!) in Orlando and Disneyland in Anaheim. They are going to feature experiences that make guests feel like they're in a galaxy far far away. Start putting your pennies in jars now kiddos. You should have enough for a Disney trip by the time the Star Wars lands are expected to arrive in 2019.

The Anthology- I mean "Star Wars Stories"

Lucasfilm announced the creation of what they named The Anthology Series and later renamed The Star Wars Stories. These movies will focus on all of the characters we love who aren't related to the Skywalkers. The first Star Wars Story entitled Rogue One comes out in a year and features the rebels that stole the plans to the first Death Star. Future projects include Han Solo getting a movie all to himself. And if all this isn't enough...

Episode 8, 9, And Possibly More

The Force Awakens is just the beginning of a series of three movies. We'll get new ones every other year until the release of Episode 9. At that point we could even get a fourth trilogy! Maybe we'll get even more trilogies! These stories have no source material so there's no limits what-so-ever to what could be headed our way!

See? We've got plenty of reasons to stay excited for Star Wars. In all likely-hood it's on it's way to being as big as Marvel. But for now, let's all appreciate the hard work J.J. Abrams put into the wonderful explosion of story that is The Force Awakens.


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