ByWilliam G Chandler Jr, writer at

Same classic credits. A scene. Space. A secret. A conflict. A break in character. Something to watch out for. A show of strength. Aliens. A truth. Reality. The future. Star Wars, The Force Awakens, reminds me of nothing. It is its own entity. That is what makes it good. In 1977, when George Lucas created Star Wars, it was a film of its own existence. The twists, because of social media, in Force Awakens, did not have as much impact. The story, the actors' work, and the look of the film are amazing and only rise above any reveals. JJ Abrams meant to make Star Wars pop and it did. I combined double buttered popcorn, with the power of Reese's Pieces, and took on this movie. One character really surprised me. The film itself is fun to see on the screen, but the look of the film can only allow you to accept George Lucas' absence. We are on the path. Star Wars finishes its final lap. We just need to wait and see. The Knights of Ren look promising.


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