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Supergirl was a new show this year. Over the first half season the show has had its ups and it has had its down. However, it sure has left an impression on those that have watched. Whether you love it or not, most know where they stand with the show.

We are at the halfway point in the show's first season. I figured it would be a good time to catch up with what has happened and where all the characters stand. At least before the January 4 return.

Spoilers to follow...

Kara/Supergirl: Still Learning

Kara has learned a lot since becoming a hero. Some people will love you, some will hate you, and some will be scared of you. And everybody will compare you to your cousin.

Yes, Supergirl has gained her supporters, one being Cat Grant, and she had gained her detractors, mainly Maxwell Lord. And though she remains more upbeat, some of her best moments, and the shows, were when she gets mad.

Kara punching a car, blowing out her powers destroying Red Tornado, and yelling at her hologram mom are great looks into some of the darkness in such a bright and happy show. Melissa Benoist is at her best during these scenes. Let's just hope that the show lets Kara stay happy and only touch into these moments a few times only.

Of Course, There is a Love Triangle

There is actually two, but let's start with Kara/James/Winn. Winn is obviously in love with Kara and of course she can't see it. James is the new guy in town and Kara immediately falls for him. James, for his part, seems to like her back. But of course, James's ex, Lucy Lane, shows up and they get together.

Sounds very high school? It is, but what can you expect? Anyways, James tells Winn to go for it. This was after Winn went off on Kara about how she could never be with James. Oh, high school.

D.E.O.: Was There and Then Got Interesting

The D.E.O. started out as your standard secret agency. They help hunt down escaped aliens, and other secret things. That was pretty much it. It gave Hank Henshaw, head of D.E.O., a place and people to be in charge of and a reason for Alex, Kara's adopted sister, to be involved.

However, we find out that Alex's dad was forced to work for the D.E.O. to protect Kara, and the D.E.O. got much more interesting. Alex and Kara found out that Henshaw was the last one to see Alex's dad alive. Alex freaks out on him during an inmate escape and we get the whole story.

Or at least, Henshaw's story. Turns out, he wasn't Henshaw, but, in fact, Martian Manhunter.

Yeah. We got a live-action Martian Manhunter on a television show on CBS. Moving on, Mr. Danvers and Henshaw were sent to kill MM and Danvers couldn't do it. Henshaw could. Danvers and Henshaw both ended up dead and MM took Henshaw's place. He did this to protect Alex as it was Danvers's dying wish. And Hank Henshaw became a lot more awesome.

Cat Grant Proves She Is More Than Meets The Eye

Cat Grant started out as just another awful boss. She has turned into the character that grounds the show. Grant has become a mother figure for Kara. She also happens to be Supergirl's biggest supporter/critic. She named her, she backs her, and wrote an article that blasted Supergirl for her faults.

Throughout the season, we've learned that Cat has a son she is close to and one she is not. She worked hard for her success and her mother still doesn't deem her as one. We learned that Cat Grant sees more than people think as, during the mid-season finale, she reveals that she knows Kara is Supergirl. Kara, of course, denies it, but Cat doesn't buy that at all.

Astra is a terrible Aunt to Kara

Revealed at the end of the first episode, Astra is Kara's Aunt and the twin sister of Kara's mom. The show wasted no time in having Kara run into Astra. It also wasted no time in proving that Astra is not a good person. She leads the escaped alien inmates and wants to "help" the people of Earth. Her "help" just happens to mean hurting a lot of people.

Astra wants Kara on her side, but Kara is not buying it. Considering Astra has said a lot of bad things about Kara's mom, that relationship is not going to get any better. It seems that Astra's husband, Non, might be behind some of it. Though, Astra is definitely hiding something.

Anyway, the mid-season finale ends right before a confrontation between Supergirl and Non. And we are left wondering what is going to happen.

And that is 'Supergirl' so far!


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