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So I'm the regular movie buff teen who loves horrors and cries during rom-coms. My page says it all

Just in time for for the holidays, A 'Home Alone' short sequel was released and it was genius. While it isn't actually a Home Alone Film, it features Macauley Culkin a couple of years later showing the damage being 'left alone' has caused.

The 'Home Alone Sequel' stars Macauley Culkin as a grown up Kevin McCallister, Kerry Harris as well as the writer and creator of the Web series, Jack Dishel. The Web Series titled 'DRYVRS' will feature five minute shorts starring Dishel (Who by the way is an actor, musician and producer!) and the people he encounters while I guess Driving.

the first instalment titled 'Just Me In The House By Myself' is a fun and realistic short for the first three to four minutes. Suddenly Grown Up Kevin McCallister causes the short to take a turn for the worst.

The series first episode seems fun and cool with just the right amount of Sadistic greatness. So I suggest you watch it ready to change your opinion on the sweet little Macauley Culkin. He's performance proves he still has those awesome acting chops.

Check out Jack Dishel on Youtube and check out the series 'DRYVRS'.


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