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Stefanie Scott in Insidious
Stefanie Scott in Insidious

The third instalment of the Horror Franchise was different to the past two as it took us back in time with a scary Prequel. We see a different family with a different story but still linked to the rest of the films. The film sports a talented cast who really capture the horror feel and something this movie's characters had that not many other characters have is Believability. I believed what the characters were doing, saying and more importantly how they reacted.The high level of awesome-ness didn't surprise me as it is a Blumhouse Production project and it was directed by the genius that is Leigh Whannel (who penned the film as well). As if having Leigh Whannel direct, write and star in the film wasn't enough, we have a team of new age horror royalty responsible for producing it. Yes boys and girls...Jason Blum, James Wan and Oren Peli produced the film.

In my eyes, this film could do no wrong.


Cassidy Gifford in the Gallows.
Cassidy Gifford in the Gallows.

Another Blumhouse Productions film that scared the crap out of me. It may have received negative views from critics but from a non-pretentious view, I think it was pretty good. It didn't gross too much at the box office ($42 Million on a budget of $100 000 ) but it sure did live up to my expectations. It was also one of the only horror movies to include an actual song on the trailer! The Cover of Nirvana's classic rock hit Smells Like Teen Spirit by the talented Malia J helped create a fell of scariness and suspension that left me in covered in Goosebumps.

The Horror written and directed by Travis Cluff and Chris Lofing showed a group of students locked inside a haunted school and tormented by a spirit known as "Charlie" who died in the play that the students star in. Now I know you might roll your eyes at that plot and yes it is tired as hell but the execution in my opinion was fresh and actually scary. In my review of this film, I mentioned how at one point I let out a loud gasp and that showed how scared I got. The film kept me on my toes and holding in my breath just waiting to be scared and the film did not disappoint. The young cast (Reese Mishler, Pfeifer Brown, Ryan Shoos and Cassidy Gifford.) played their roles really good and played into the high school stereotypes in the most needed and possible ways.

I'll admit the mask was a bit whack but it wasn't enough to kill the film. Really good one!


Olivia Wilde in The Lazarus Effect
Olivia Wilde in The Lazarus Effect

Drum Roll please....Another Blumhouse Productions Film!

This film wildly received negative reviews but it was really good. I don't get how people watched this and hated it. It was the film that made me want to officially make horrors. I was left astounded and unsteady. The idea of Hell as shown in the film really got to me. The idea of it all. How simple it could be to reign hell on Earth and again the idea of Hell. Reliving your worst nightmare on a never ending repetitive loop really got to me and left me disturbed.

This film has an all-star cast ( Mark Duplass, Olivia Wilde, Donald Glover, Evan Peters, and Sarah Bolger.) who to me worked well together. The chemistry was good and there and so was the eye candy.

I was a bit sceptical heading into the cinema thinking :"How is Olivia Wilde gonna do? Probably not too good in this horror." and I was proven wrong. Wilde really won me over with this film even though she was the bad guy.

Any way, it was better than the crappy reviews it got and come on...It's from Blumhouse Productions! It cannot be that bad.


Which of my Top Three Horrors did you enjoy most?


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