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Now, from the looks of it, Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens is going to break a whole lot of box office records over the next few weeks, with an immense opening weekend domestic gross of $247.7 million seemingly setting it up for vast final sum. With that now having expanded to a worldwide total of $529 million over the same period – with both figures breaking the previous records – and the film's reviews having been almost universally glowing, it seems that the Episode VII train is unlikely to slow down anytime soon.

So much so, in fact, that...

'Episode VII' Just Broke an Incredibly Important Box Office Record

Specifically, it seems that it made upwards of $40 million domestically this past Monday, giving it a substantial lead on the $27.7 million earned by the previous record-holder, Spider-Man 2.

Now, for one thing, that means that by the time you're reading this, Episode VII will almost certainly have made $300 million in the US alone, which considering it came out just a few short days ago, is a pretty huge deal.

The reason breaking that record really matters, though?

A $40 Million Monday Gross Puts 'Episode VII' Firmly on Track to Chase Down 'Avatar'

That, after all, must surely be the movie's financial goal at this point. With the fair winds of fantastic reviews and near-universally positive fan-reception, and an opening weekend the likes of which has never before been seen, there's certainly reason to believe Episode VII could at the very least break the $2 billion mark internationally, and perhaps even match Avatar's $2.7 billion haul.

After all, if the film can maintain audience enthusiasm over the festive period to a similar extent to Monday's $40 million in earnings, then it could well enter 2016 with close to $500 million in domestic earnings, and over a billion internationally. With Avatar standing at $749 million in the US, an overhauling would then seem very much in sight.

Whether or not the force (along with the appeal of repeat viewings, especially in IMAX form) truly is strong enough, however, still remains to be seen...

What do you think, though?

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