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Sometimes, Hollywood can seem like a dog-eat-dog world, where cutthroat studio execs from rival studios grapple and slap each other around in order to take a tiny bit more of that oh-so-precious box office gold.

However, that doesn't always seem to be the case. For example, Universal Pictures, who until very recently held the record for most successful opening weekend box office, has just congratulated Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens for nabbing their record.

Compare 'Jurassic World' and 'Star Wars: Episode VII's debut trailer below:

Universal managed to break the box office record earlier this year with the phenomenal success of Jurassic World, a long awaited blockbuster sequel which brought in $208 million domestically on its opening weekend. Unfortunately for them, they didn't get to cling hold of the title for long, as Star Wars soared past their record with their own domestic haul of $238 million.

Episode VII also managed to beat Jurassic World globally too -- although the race was much tighter. The Force Awakens managed to take $528 million globally, compared to Jurassic World's $525 million.

It seems the studio is a gracious loser, however, as Universal producer Frank Marshall headed to Twitter with the following congratulatory post.

If Marshall's name sounds familiar, it's probably because he also made headlines last week due to an unusual red carpet encounter with Star Wars creator George Lucas. After a fairly awkward interview, Marshall ambushed Lucas claiming Jurassic World would remain number one. Lucas's reply: "I will crush you like a bug." It was a bit of an odd moment, mostly because no one was sure if Lucas was jovially joking (not something he's really known for) or not. Check out the meme-ified moment of the encounter below:

This isn't the first time studios have congratulated each other for taking each other's box office records. Universal itself received a laudatory tweet from Marvel Studios when Jurassic World eclipsed The Avengers as the highest grossing weekend box office.

However, with Star Wars: Episode VII currently smashing the box office worldwide, it might be quite a while before the title is stolen again.

Source: ComicBook


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