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We all could lose those last five pounds (or in my case, ten), but fear not if you are feeling a little downtrodden or you find it hard to find the motivation!

Below is a list of six celebrities who made incredible lifestyle changes and are now looking good—and most importantly—feeling good!

1. John Goodman

Goodman really wowed the crowd when he stepped onto the red carpet back in October for the Trumbo premiere at the BFI London Film Festival. Not only did he look dashing in a suit, he had lost a significant amount of weight after adopting a healthier lifestyle.

2. Melissa McCarthy

McCarthy admits that she didn't do much to keep the weight off during and after her two pregnancies. But, after she realized she wanted to set a healthy example for her children, this funny gal adopted a low-carb, high-protein diet. She also picked up Pilates and tennis for some exercise.

She has lost around 50 lbs. and looks even better than ever. What an inspiration!

3. Wendy Williams

Williams is very strict with her diet - no meat, dairy, refined sugars, and eating after dark. She also participates in a lot of cardio workouts.

With her disciplined lifestyle, this lovely lady has lost around 50 pounds.

4. Shonda Rhimes

Rhimes has dropped around 100 pounds just this year. She still eats all the foods she has always enjoyed, but her portions are much smaller. She also admits that she tends to crave salad and shrimp more than anything.

"I realized I could either spend my life going, 'I wish I could lose weight,' or I could just do it. Nothing is 100 percent fun all the time. But I have never not done something with a pointed focus."

Congrats on a healthier you, Shonda!

5. Alec Baldwin

Back in May 2011, Baldwin was diagnosed as pre-diabetic. He immediately cut sugar out of his diet and made Pilates and spin classes part of his routine.

Getting married to Hilaria also helped, as the former dancer is very much into yoga and barre. Changing his lifestyle helped him lose 30 pounds in just four months.

6. EJ Johnson

The Rich Kids of Beverly Hills star is also the son of former basketball player Magic Johnson. After undergoing gastric bypass surgery, the 22-year-old has lost more than 100 pounds.

“I think that it was something that really helped me jumpstart the life I definitely wanted to lead. I wanted to be the best me I can be and that's always something I wanted to do. It's something that I struggled with and I needed that push in the right direction. And now my mindset is completely changed."

Congrats to all the hard work and dedication these celebrities have put in to make a wonderful transformation. While looking and fitting better in clothing is just the cherry on top, the most important aspect to focus on is feeling healthy and giving your body the proper nutrients.

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