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Spencer Sherwin

I am a 19 year old fan of the classic Star Wars films. I have never seen any of the classic films in the theater, but they've always had a special place in my heart. As I walked out of The Force Awakens premier, I sadly mourned the death of my favorite character. My family and I entered the lobby of the Krikorian Cinema 14 in Redlands, where I saw her. In this large Lobby, there is a huge staircase leading to the bathroom. Many people were milling about or going up the stairs to use the restroom. I was slowly making my way towards the staircase when I noticed a very attractive young lady about my age walking down the steps. She was dressed as Pincess Leia from the Empire Strikes Back. She was crying, sobbing, with tears streaming down her cheeks. She hurried her way down the steps with her friend behind her, looking quite worried as well. As she descended the last step, she embraced a young man (I assume her boyfriend) who was standing amongst a small group at the base of the steps. As he held her she said, "I just can't believe it." I understood. And at that moment I had to fight back my own tears over the loss of my favorite hero.

R.I.P. Han Solo.


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