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Rob Harris

In a bewildering clash of cultures, the shrill tones of Frozen's inescapable anthem 'Let It Go' could be heard billowing from the confines of a professional video game tournament last week. The players, some clearly as confused by the proceedings as I, leant into the absurdity of the occasion, joining the rendition whilst window-washing the air in support.

The gleefully audacious vocalist you see at the front is Jang Min Chul, better known by his gaming handle MC. As one of the most successful StarCraft 2 players ever, MC has racked up over $500,000 in prize money by attending organized tournaments like this one. Except, during this particular tournament, he decided to flex his vocal cords as well as his mouse finger:

This impromptu Disney outburst was in honor of another player called MMA, who was participating in his last big match and who also happens to be MC's major rival.

After winning the tournament, MMA had a perfect send off watching his long-time enemy tell him to let it all go. The game didn't bother him anyway.

[Source: YouTube]


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