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In what has been yet another solid year for video games, what with The Witcher 3 and Metal Gear Solid V pretty much eating up everyone's time, we can't go discussing the best games of 2015 without a shout out to indie titles, can we?

Indie devs and the fruits of their creation just keep on getting more and more inventive and bold as each game passes, and this year saw some absolute gems appear from the minds of gaming's future auteurs.

So here's my list of the top 6 indie games to have graced this year:

Top 6

In No Particular Order

6. Ori & The Blind Forest

Available on: Xbox One, Xbox 360, PC

Evocative, intelligent and downright beautiful, Ori & The Blind Forest is reason alone to pick up an Xbox One because it is literally that good. The product of an IP dreamt up by Moon Studios and then financially aided by Microsoft in order to finish, this game is wonderfully challenging in places. And did I mention beautiful?


But despite its difficulty level, the game always brings you back to the last place you perished, which is a refreshing touch. And the story is utterly magical and melancholic in the same breath.

5. Invisible, Inc.

Available on: PS4, PC, Mac OS, Linux

If you've played the incredible Mark of the Ninja, then you already have a pretty strong idea of what to expect from game devs Klei Entertainment's futuristic turn-based stealth-em-up. It's basically XCOM meets Splinter Cell with a dollop of rogue-like badassery thrown on top for good measure.

What was that noise?
What was that noise?

You play as a bunch of super-cool special agents who have 72 hours to launch a counter-offensive on an evil, faceless organization that has attacked yours. How will you go about infiltrating and taking them down? It's literally up to you to decide!

4. Axiom Verge

Available on: PS4, PS Vita, PC, Mac OS, Linux

Oh, Metroidvania, how I adore you so! Axiom Verge, the side-scrolling, backtracking beast of a platformer's massive map invites you to wander its blocky confines! Why? In order to find an item or object that will unlock another place you came across on your wanders 5 hours prior. It's one of those games... like Metroid or Castlevania. And just as evocative as both, if you're a fan of eureka moments and endless backtracking.


Created alone by Tom Happ, meaning the game itself and its incredible soundtrack, this labor of love puts you in the shoes of a lone scientist who dies in an lab accident, but then comes to on a gorgeously creepy bio-mechanical world carved from the giddy daydreams of HR Giger.

Only go near if you're after an life absorbing adventure of a platformer.

3. Not A Hero

Available on: PS4, PS Vita, PC, Mac OS, Linux

OlliOlli devs Roll7 have done to cover shooters what they managed to do to the beleaguered skating franchise - strip the genre back down to its essential components and remind us why they were so much fun in the first place.

Not A Hero is an action packed, bullet-storm of a ride where you take a team of guns for hire through ever escalating waves of goons that must be dispatched in order to make the streets clean and help raise the anthropomorphic politician Bunnylord's approval rating.

Sounds mental? It is, especially considering the game is something akin to Broforce meets Bit Trip Runner meets Canabalt. Batshit crazy and awesome!

2. Rocket League

Available on: PS4, Xbox One, PC, Mac OS, Linux

The game that spawned a thousand swear words. Rocket League smushes futuristic rocket powered racing cars with soccer and results in what is by far 2015's stand out sleeper hit.

Drive on the celling, fly through the air, blow up opposition cars and generally laugh your butt off as you slip in from way behind the action and nick a goal. this game is too much fun for its own good. If you're good at it at least.

1. Her Story

Available on: PC, Mac OS, iOS

And finally, one of the most original and inventive games to come out this year, or the last few years in fact, Her Story will change the way you look at everything thanks to the stunning detail that lingers throughout the game.

Her Story is about the search for the truth behind a wife's tale and a husband's disappearance, and all of this plays out behind the fuzzy veil of '90s aesthetics.

You will pour hours upon hours into this game, and will get tons of content in return - videos and more clues to search - ultimately drawing you into the most engrossing crime story you've been involved in since the first season of The Wire.

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