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With the new trailer released a few weeks back, we were able to see what's in store for the Star-Spangled Hero.

Before I get into my idea, allow to explain my worries and thoughts leading up to the trailer. Bear with me.

Now, as a reader of the comic book story, I was skeptical of Marvel to make this. I know the issues that Marvel has with rights, particularly with Fox so I figured the Fantastic Four and the X-Men were not going to be featured. I was relieved when Sony finally agreed to work with Marvel and are bringing Spider-Man into the universe. While the FF and X-Men weren't a vital part of Civil War, it would've added more drama in it but I digress. The hardest part (and most important) was getting Spider-Man.

My next issue was the hero aspect. Almost every hero was affected by Civil War but we only have a few in the MCU. This, to me, was important because of how Civil War started. A group of New Era heroes trying to make a name against New Era Villians who, as well, are trying to make a name for themselves. One thing leads to another and now Stamford, CT is practically wiped from existence.

Knowing that they had limited heros, I was itching to see what Marvel had in store and I wasn't all that disappointed. They saw that they didn't have a lot to work with and changed it up to where the Cap is in trouble for helping his homie. Ok, I'm ok with that. So if that's the route they're taking, here's what I propose:

Being that Civil War was a 7 part series that spread through hundreds of comics, keep that same concept with the movies. Or, in other words, don't end Civil War at the end of the movie. Have it spread out. We know that Doctor Strange, Spider-Man and Black Panther are coming out AFTER Cap. America 3, so have the Civil War still go on, even if it's background noise. The same way Agents of Shield and the Netflix Marvel shows have references and run along parallel to the movies, do the same. Spider-Man, for example, is supposed to start with him under the tutelage of Tony Stark, that's fine. That's a movie before (and maybe during?) Civil War. It can explain the Iron Spider Suit at the beginning and end with him trying to keep his Villians away from his family after he opens his big mouth. I'm not saying focus entirely on Civil War, but that event is so huge in the Comic that it can't be squandered and wasted with one measly movie, no matter how great. And do the same with the other movies coming out. Even Daredevil Season 2 can have references to Civil War.


(I'm not one for spoilers but this is an exception.)

I wouldnt kill Captain America at the end of Civil War. I know they have Zemo and (I believe) Crossbones making their appearance, but I think it's too soon to kill Cap. Have Civil War lead into Infinity War Pt. 1 and 2. Or rather, have Civil War in Infinity War Pt. 1.

These heros will be beefing. If I were Thanos, I would take full advantage of that. Have his appearance in the middle while the Avengers and company are squabbling around like kindergarteners. They'll be unaware AND unorganized. They do a hurried attempt to fight Thanos and BAM! Captian America gets killed. (I hope they keep the way he died in the comics for the Movie) the morale will plummet and Thanos can take full advantage and Empire Strikes Back their asses. End the movie on the loss. Thanos reigning supreme against the now broken Avengers and all hope is loss.

It would have people wanting more and wanting Thanos to get his ass beat BUT also keeping him a villain to remember and more badass. He'll have a whole second movie for himself. That's how I would write it and do it. It's more fun and it's thrilling. Seeing all your beloved heros beaten and depressed and having nothing to pep them up to continue the march forward. It'll give the respect to Thanos that he deserves and it will actually put suspense in the movie. And in the second one, have the Guardians of the Galaxy make they're apperance. (That's besides the point though).

Do you agree? Let me know, I'm open to new ideas.

Thanos looks around. The battlefield, scarred and war torn from the furious fight, shows our heros on their knees. Civilians running and screaming. Barely breaking a sweat in the battle, Thanos chuckles and walks toward Tony Stark. Thanos watches Tony as he scrambles to get away from him. The Invicible Iron Man, reduced to nothing more than man in a suit of armor. And that suit has failed him. Thanos picks up Tony from his neck and says "Now, you will bow." Thanos looks at the other heros and screams "BOW!" The heros, with a pained expression, follow heed. Thanos looks around, stares at the camera and smiles.

End Scene


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