ByAndrew Daley, writer at
Andrew Daley

Hollywood star Nicholas Cage has returned a rare T-Rex skull to american authorities this week after it was discovered to be stolen, the skull was subsequently returned to the Mongolian government.

The skull itself is worth a whopping $276,000, and was purchased by Cage in 2007 from the I.M. Chat art gallery in Beverly Hills. Following a civil forfeiture complaint filed last week authorities took possession of the skull after the actor voluntarily turned it over, after learning the circumstances around the T-Rex skull's origin. According to prior news reports, Leonardo DiCaprio was outfit by Cage in auction for the skull. Nicholas Cage himself is accused of no wrongdoing, despite this sounding more and more like the plot of National Treasure 3...

Cage's publicist said in an email that the actor received a certificate of authenticity from the gallery and was first contacted by US authorities in July 2014, when the Department of Homeland Security informed him that the skull might have been stolen.


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