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(Warning: the following contains a large, hulking potential SPOILER for Captain America: Civil War - albeit one that is likely to turn up in a trailer in the near future, and that many comic-book fans will have been half-expecting. Proceed with whatever level of caution all of that suggests to you is wise...)

Now, Captain America: Civil War may still be close to six months away from release, but that doesn't mean that major elements of its plot aren't already leaking onto the Internet like water from a cunningly loosened faucet.

The latest such plot detail to emerge, however, is sufficiently SPOILER-ific that I'm going to delay any mention of it until after the below, already-released trailer for the movie, thus giving everyone who doesn't want to know a major potential plot element the chance to metaphorically run away screaming, as is perfectly reasonable.

Still with us?

Alright then. Y'see, as it turns out...

A Brand New Range of Lego Just Revealed a Giant New Addition to the 'Captain America: Civil War' Cast

Specifically, Giant-Man.

As in, a giant, even more kick-ass version of Ant-Man.

Which is, of course, an more-or-less canonical comic book move for the hero, with the original Ant-Man Hank Pym having taken on the Giant-Man alias not too long after joining the Avengers.

If Paul Rudd's Scott Lang does, then, make a similar change (albeit without the comic book name-change, from the looks of it), it would make a whole lot of sense. Indeed, the fact that it's set to appear in a major piece of merchandising would seem to suggest that it's likely to be a key part of promoting the movie - perhaps taking pride of place in the next Civil War trailer?

What's more, it raises two interesting possibilities.

1. Hawkeye Could End Up Getting Pretty Huge Himself

In the comic books, after all, Clint 'Hawkeye' Barton took to using Pym's particles for a while, adopting the moniker Goliath. It's possible, then - albeit a little unlikely in the short term - that the introduction of giant superheroes to the Marvel Cinematic Universe might eventually lead to Hawkeye gaining a hell of a lot of stature.

More troublingly, though, there's also...

2. In the comic book 'Civil War', a Giant Dies

Specifically, a later adopter of the Goliath name, Dr. Bill Foster, who was killed by a Thor clone (don't ask) as part of a giant superhero brawl. Now, the odds of Scott Lang being horribly murdered in the lead-up to Ant-Man sequel Ant-Man and The Wasp are inevitably pretty high, but if someone else were to happen to find themselves greatly increased in size, we could well still see history repeat itself...

The main takeaway from all of this, though? Not only is Lego inherently awesome - but it's now a leading provider of major superhero movie plot spoilers. Which, along with its educational benefits, presumably makes it an extremely unorthodox triple threat...

What do you think?



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