ByJustin Petry, writer at

In response to though's who criticize Game of Thrones rape scenes.

As we all share witness to and cringe over the brutality of the rape scenes in GoT, let's not forget the progression of humanity. Though it is uncomfortable to watch, ignoring and or avoiding these types of historical truths, would do an injustice to whom fought so hard to expose the reality in which has lead the ever growing evolution of good vs evil. When has the cowardly choice of "looking the other way" ever solved a problem? Everyone loves a hero and enjoys the success story. However as you know, without a villain there cannot be a hero, and though GoT is a fictional story it honors non fictional situations- perhaps this is one of the many reasons why viewers stay tuned. Now, I understand if you want to remain sheltered from envelope pushing scenarios while you decompress from the lovely weekend that you just had, preparing for a positive mindset leading into your work week... in that case, I would suggest watching a program on CBS or ABC Family. But for you to pout and scorn over scenes within a story that foreshadows the birth of hero's in which you'll later cheer for, sends the wrong message; for it is the exposure of scenes like these, such as in the Academy Award Winning film, 12 Years A Slave, that inform and motivate those whom will grow to become the hero's of today; in which will protect your desired popcorn perception of reality.


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