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Kurt Arthur

I am completely serious, after watching this movie i sat in the corner listening to "Wrecking Ball'' for hours and hours. How is any other movie supposed to live up to Rey,Kylo, and Finn badassery? Anyone who saw the Big Bang this week knows that they nailed something other than Amy on that show. I look at all the other movies coming out relatively soon and the only movie I am truly excited for is '' Deadpool". That merc with the mouth is either going to be awesome or suck on granny labia. Yet I still cannot believe that Star Wars was better than I imagined! I thought I was hallucinating like that time at camp when Aphreu Piccolo started seducing me in his sweet baritone voice. I mean come on guys I was very insecure and Aph knew all the right things to say. The situation only got weird when I saw my counselor in the corner filming the event with his phone. That does not matter, Star Wars has officially wrecked movies for me at the time being. If I was all the other movies out right now, I would sue Disney for loss revenue due to Star Wars being so,so,so awesome. Will Batman V Superman opening at the end of March be enough time for to recuperate? Maybe! All I know besides money making, and hoes is that you are crazy for not seeing this movie! I have seen the movie twice and I am debating whether or not to see it once more with a friend, or just by my lonesome. This movie wrecked my foundation of what a blockbuster movie should aspire to be. Man of Steel if you want mass pornographic destruction make sure it at an enemy's base before Kal-El wrecks it (You see what I did play some different music listening to end of that movie). So do not see the movie because, if you ever done a lot of Molly and had mind blowing sex than regular sex becomes ehhhh. Star Wars is like taking too much Molly engaging in a monster orgy without one bit of shame. What am I saying, what are you doing tonight? Do you want to see Star Wars with me at 7:00 P.M? I promise I am only a fraction of this weird in real life!


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