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If you thought Supergirl couldn't get any more bizarre than it already is, then you're completely wrong, and this recent villain update has risen my eagerness for Supergirl to come back on TV. Supergirl executive producer Andrew Kreisberg has some serious plot twists coming up for us!

Introducing: Toyman and Bizarro!

We've got the Toyman coming up. We got Bizarro." - Andrew Kreisberg

Toyman also known as Winslow Schott, is a DC Comics villain who uses toys as weapons. He believes that adults are ruining the world for children and he's coming to Supergirl! In Supergirl he will be played by Henry Czerny, and the character will also be none other than Winn's father!

This will definitely rise tension between his relationship with his son we all love, Winn Schott Jr.. It also could create some sort of tension between him and Cat Grant since in the comics, Toyman was the one who killed her son.

...He later confessed to Jimmy Olsen that he didn't kill him. It was a full sized simulation of himself that he had created to take his place in prison if he ever was caught again. -

I've always hoped to see Toyman appear in a superhero TV show again after his appearance in Smallville, and it's finally coming true!

That toy, though.
That toy, though.

It's not the first time Toyman has been mentioned to appear on Supergirl, however it was the first time for Kreisberg to talk about Bizarro. Yes, you heard me, Bizarro!

What is unclear though, is whether Kreisberg meant Bizarrogirl or Bizarro (superman). But, judging by what we've seen so far on the show, and the fact that this is a TV series based around Supergirl not Superman, it's most likely going to be Bizarrogirl.

Who is Bizarrogirl?

Look at that luscious skin.
Look at that luscious skin.

Bizarro is quite legitimately the complete opposite of Supergirl. Bizarro Supergirl is an incredibly dangerous, unpredictable and not to mention scary version of Kara. In other words, a mirrored version of Supergirl. I wouldn't want to get on her bad side.

...She is wildly emotional, doesn't know her own strength, and is definitely a force to be reckoned with. -

Bizarro was originally a scientific creation, though the show may alter her origin a little, such as making her come from a different planet. This would make sense considering that this show is super-heavy when it comes to aliens.

...That’s something that would be right up Maxwell Lord’s alley. After all, he’s essentially serving as the Girl of Steel’s 'Lex Luthor' on the series. -

Max Lord being Supergirl's own Lex Luthor, and being the mastermind behind Bizarro, however, would make complete sense, considering he throws a lot of shade at her.

Listen to the following broadcast, at around 52:50.


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