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Vacuuming about 20 times a day is the biggest ordeal that Christmas trees put most of us through each year, but spare a thought for the christougenniatiko dentrophobics who find the holiday season a truly frightening affair thanks to the festive firs.

Nope, they aren't just prone to getting pine needles stuck in their socks, these people have a severe phobia of Christmas trees and most have them probably haven't even seen Treevenge!

But, just what is it about the statuesque, spiky and viciously flammable fir trees that we hack down to shove in our homes each year that phobics could possible be adverse to?

Like most phobias, budding christougenniatiko dentrophobics were probably pushed over the edge by a traumatic experience with a Christmas tree when they were a child. Some examples include people whose family trees fell on them and kids who were told so many horror stories about house fires caused by fairy lights that they became petrified it might happen to them.

Fire is a common cause of the phobia
Fire is a common cause of the phobia

Other people develop an aversion to the shimmering shrubs after developing severe allergic reactions (Christmas trees are notorious for being packed with mold and spores) that was brushed under the carpet by family members in favor of festive fun.

Although this phobia might seem ho ho hilarious to many of us, perhaps the christougenniatiko dentrophobics are really onto something! Every Christmas in America, an average 40 people are killed by accidents that directly involve Christmas trees and decorations. That means you’re over 80 times more likely to be killed by a Christmas tree than you are by a shark.

Watch out for those coniferous killers!

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