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Baldwin Collins

I found this movie very mind boggling. reasons being the up-close violent graphics scenes. some disturbing, But it's the nature of the story. the story starts in Chandler. Arizona. FBI Agent's Kate Macer ( Emily Blunt ) and partner Reggie Wayne ( Daniel Kaluuya) and they're S.W.A.T. team discover bodies hidden inside walls of a house, while searching is still going on inside, two officers outside, are searching a back-yard shed. Un-ware that it's Booby-trapped with Explosives, the whole shed explodes killing the two men.

However, the scene changes and we see Kate and Reggie are it seems in a waiting room , Kate is called in a room where it looks like a group of senior government officials conducting the interviews, Kate is recommended by her Boss Dave Jennings ( victor Carber ) for her re-assignment . Matt graver ( Josh Brolin ) seems interested in her and decides she's picked for the assignment.

Graver is leading an operation that are searching for cartel Boss Manuel Diaz and his men. kate's partner Reggie also is assigned to Matt's Delta Force unit. On her way to El paso Kate meet's Matt's partner Alejandro Gillick ( Benicio Del toro ) a man who speaks very Little, and moves in a Mysterious fashion. the Delta force are heading to Juarez. Mexico. with plans to extradite one of Diaz's top men his Brother Guillermo, captured in they're custody, they cross the border back into the united states , But intercepted in a traffic Jam by Cartel thugs.

The delta force has a fire-fight with them killing all of them. Kate Macer realizes that this is not what she was assigned to, or so it seems. Kate complains to her new Boss Matt, Matt in return informs her to get with the program this is called reality. Kate and partner Reggie are not comfortable with the mission shrouded in Mystery, they want answers now, from Matt. But the real mystery is are they're Kept in the Dark for they're own safety or are there some Sinister inside forces working against them ? Directed by Denis Villeneure and released on october 2 2015 . It has been said in media news that a sequel is in the planning stages with the story centered around Benicio Del toro's Mystery Character from this film. However in my opinion. it makes sense Benicio's character has an interesting Mystery waiting to be explored in a sequel.


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