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If it can be written, or thought, it can be filmed.
Tom Perkins

Hello MoviePilot. We now live in a world where Star Wars is back and it's finally awesome again! After seeing it I can say that I thoroughly enjoyed it, despite the film lacking in places. Today I wanted to talk about a fan's awesome interpretation of The Battle of Jakku in space!

As you all know Jakku is the desert planet from Star Wars: The Force Awakens and it serves as Rey's home for the movie. Without diving into any spoilers, this planet is where our adventure began! You may remember all of the wreckage that was scattered across the planet from both the trailers and the film, this was explained to us by EA's Star Wars Battlefront video game,which gave us the ability to play through and experience the Battle of Jakku for ourselves.

But as fans, it's always great to become creative with your own vision like what we've seen with fan-fiction, theories and stories. A fan by the name of Daniel Broadway did exactly that, he used his talent to give us how he thought the Imperial Star Destroyer (from the trailer) came to be submerged within the sand 30 years before Episode 7.

Considering this was made by a single fan, it's pretty impressive! I mean it looks like it could be taken straight out of a big budget blockbuster movie!

Really impressive work and I'm sure most of wish we could produce work such as this!

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