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Crammed with magical shape-shifting mania, The Sword in the Stone is an often overlooked Disney masterpiece and it also happens to contain a forgotten love story that always punches me right in the delicate feels.

For those of you unfamiliar with the 1963 classic, it follows a feeble young boy nicknamed Wart who is destined to become King Arthur. Before he meets his regal fate however, he teams up with a scholarly wizard named Merlin who educates the boy and leads him on a flurry of magical adventures.

Merlin shows Wart the meaning of magic
Merlin shows Wart the meaning of magic

One of the transformative tales in question involves Merlin and Wart taking to the treetops of squirrels and meeting some furry admirers. Probably due to the fact that they are really human, neither Wart or Merlin are too into their squirrelly suitors, but the moment when the girl squirrel is heartbroken that her 'boyfriend' is a fraud is still totally heartbreaking. Check out the scene below to see what I mean:

But, if your childhood heart bled for the poor lonely squirrel left weeping over her lost love, fear not because Imgur user adkoala has imagined a scenario where Merlin transformed her into a human named 'Hazel' instead of walking away. Check out the heartwarming images for yourself below!

Hazel Learns the Basics

Because when was the last time you saw a squirrel sawing into an acorn with a knife and fork?!

She's Still a Feisty One

Hazel shows a similar determination on the battlefield that she did in the treetops!

Ain't Nobody Got Time For Books

Why read when you can "whump?"

Going Swimmingly

Hazel and Wart get in on the underwater antics, just like Wart and Merlin did in the movie.

Battle Buddies

I don't know who they're fighting, but I hope they win!


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