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This year has been an incredible one for television. Whether I am searching on Netflix, flipping through HBO, or just watching regular cable, I feel like there is a vast and wide variety of shows to pick from.

So do we, Kenneth.

The drama. The comedies. The stories depicting women and people of color. Protagonists deciding between good and evil. It seems as if television has really stepped up it's game to give a wide audience what they want.

Below are eleven of the most stunning moments that happened on your screen this year.

1. Glenn Supposedly Dies on The Walking Dead

There is no way he survived having his insides ripped out of his body....

Except that wasn't his body.

2. Sansa Is Raped in Game of Thrones

This scene truly outraged the public, as they felt it was an unnecessary rape occurring at the hands of a woman to help move along a male storyline.

3. The Blood Orgy on American Horror Story

This scene was incredibly violent and excessive and really expressed the ruthless extent Lady Gaga's character is willing to go to for the purposes of feeding. It showed us what these dark, twisted characters were capable of, and certainly pissed a few people off.

4. Jeri receives 1,000 cuts by Wendy in Jessica Jones

This couple has been having issues from the start, but Wendy's evil lashings shows us just how sinister Kilgrave's mind control powers can be. It also warned us that no matter how smart Jeri is, she can still wind up in some horrifying situations.

5. McDreamy Dies in Grey's Anatomy

A car crash turns incredibly tragic when Derek Shepherd is hit by a car and whisked away to the hospital. Meredith realizes she must pull the plug on him. But was it all a McDream?

6. A Is Revealed on Pretty Little Liars

Fans of the series felt incredibly underwhelmed with this reveal. CeCe was born Charles DiLaurentis but transitioned into Charlotte, later taking on the name CeCe Drake to stay unknown. This is a character fans have barely seen, but ended up being the killer behind the madness all of these years.

Did we mention she even dated her own brother to keep up with her identity? Gross.

7. Jon Snow Is Stabbed to Death on Game of Thrones

Jon Snow is tricked by the Night's Watch after a success with the wildlings during the Battle of Castle Black. Olly, the little boy who also kills Ygritte, is able to coerce him into coming out to the Black Brothers and Jon is stabbed multiple times.

8. Baby Mateo is Kidnapped in Jane the Virgin

Just because she's wearing scrubs, doesn't mean she's a nurse you should trust. After Jane gives birth to little baby Mateo, the nurse runs away with the baby and hands him to the evil Sin Rostro (or rather, Rose).

This is exactly how season one ended, and it left us biting our nails nervous for season two!

9. Felicity Is Shot in Arrow

Felicity is shot! But does that mean she is dead?

Or perhaps are fans' theories correct? Maybe she will return as Oracle with her own set of defined superpowers. Only time will tell!

10. The True Identity of Mr. Robert Is Revealed in Mr. Robot

Once we discover that Elliot is suffering from some kind of dissociative identity disorder, we are able to piece everything together. “Mr. Robot” is actually his dad, and Darlene is his sister. Most importantly, his dad is dead. It was all too much for Elliot - and us - to absorb and this was the only way he could deal it.

11. Jerome Dies in Gotham

Jerome is one of the most beloved characters in Gothem. Cameron Monaghan's character was the perfect villain, as he was exciting and unpredictable. When Theo Galavan killed Jerome right when he was gaining traction, a little bit inside us died as well.

We may be angry, having left on some insane cliffhangers, but that just makes us all the more excited to come back for the next season and see where the story unfolds next.

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