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Ever since the Steven Universe team officially announced the show would go on hiatus, fans have been desperate for the show to return. Well, we don't have long to wait now: the crew have released Steven Universe season 2's return date, as well as revealing crucial plot information for the upcoming episodes! And it looks like our prayers were really answered because the show is returning with yet another Steven Bomb!

A Whole Week Of Episodes

A Steven Bomb happens when the lovely people over at Cartoon Network think we just haven't had enough of our Steven Universe fix.

And they're right: just 6 episodes after the mid-season hiatus, season 2 took a winter break. This really slowed down the momentum of the story. Just as the Crystal Gems' mission to get to the Cluster took off, we were forced to take a pause.

But Cartoon Network have a plan to pick up the pace when Steven Universe returns, and that plan is to release one episode a day for a whole week! Well, if that doesn't get us up to speed I don't know what will. Here's a breakdown of what we can expect from the next 5 episodes...

“The Answer”– Garnet finally tells Steven the story of how she came to be a Crystal Gem.
“Steven’s Birthday” – Steven has a birthday party out at the barn, and decides he has some growing up to do.
“It Could’ve Been Great” – The Gems take a trip to the moon.
“Message Received” – Steven has doubts about believing in everyone.
“Log Date 7 15 2”– Steven sneaks a listen to a friend’s audio diary.

Of course, the Steven Universe team usually downplay the importance of the revelations contained in the episodes themselves by using simple terminology. And there's a lot to be gleaned just from these small descriptions!

Peridot apologises to Amethyst in Too Far
Peridot apologises to Amethyst in Too Far

For example, the episode Log Date 7 15 2 will probably feature Steven learning more about Peridot by listening to the audio tapes she uses to record her experiences. This could be seen as a breach of trust, but it'll be nice to know what's going on in Peridot's head!

As far as the other episodes go, we've actually got a sneak peek from the first Steven Universe episode we'll see next year.

Ruby & Sapphire's Origin Story

Garnet had originally planned to tell Steven she is actually the fusion of Ruby and Sapphire on his next birthday. Obviously, when Jasper forced the two Gems apart, Steven discovered the truth. But as Garnet is about to reveal, there's much much more to Ruby and Sapphire's story...

From Garnet's little introduction to the story, we can tell this episode is going to be totally awesome, as well as containing some crucial revelations.

"The Earth, 5750 years ago. It was the promising site of a new Gem colony, but progress was being thwarted by a small, persistent group of rebels. A team of diplomatic Gems was sent from Homeworld to investigate..."

How intriguing! So it seems as though Homeworld attempted to reach out to Rose's rebellion before the situation descended into the Gem War. Were Ruby and Sapphire both part of the diplomatic convoy? Considering their characters, it seems more likely that the cool, collected Sapphire was the diplomat... so was Ruby already part of Rose's resistance? We can't wait to find out!

Garnet reveals her past to Steven
Garnet reveals her past to Steven

Steven Universe will return on the 4th of January, with one episode a day until the 9th. Check back here for all your recap needs!

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