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2015 was a solid year for villainy. I love villains who can take the stock role of "villain" and transform it into something fun and exciting. The modern villain doesn't need to twist his mustache or laugh maniacally. They need to feel real and most importantly dangerous. The following bad guys made the lists because of their ability to be likable while being totally unlikable. Their backstories weren't explained away via expository dialogue and I love the different types of menace they exhibited.

Here is the list!

1. It - It Follows

The reason the It Follows creature made the list is because it is absolutely terrifying. It never stops and has a one-track mind to kill and hunt. It will keep following you until you are dead and even if you pass along the curse it will always be coming for you. The thing is always walking and changing its rules. I have no clue where it came from or where it went. I just know that you never want this thing following you.

2. Valentine – Kingsman: The Secret Service

The guy wants to destroy the world but he hates the sight of blood. I love it when Sam Jackson plays something other than Sam Jackson because his villains are always great. He adds a realistic menace and humor and I appreciate the idea of a dork turned evil. I loved his explanation of the villainous lisp he used in the film.

Having watched all those Bond films and other genre films of that nature, all the bad guys have something that’s very specific that separates them from other people. Or that makes people dismiss them as a villain as opposed to going, ‘he’s an evil guy’.’ So speech impediments are something that I understand because I stuttered when I was a kid, so people kind of dismiss you and go, ‘You can’t be interesting because you sound funny. So I’m sure Valentine had used that as a motivational tool in a certain kind of way because people had dismissed him.

3. Josef – Creep

What I love about Josef is that he is a modern, unsettling and wily villain. He knows how to key in on insecurities and his normal looking demeanor will undoubtedly be responsible for many deaths. Creep is a fantastic horror film that creates a believable bad guy that will terrorize people for many years. Kudos to Mark Duplass for creating such a three-dimensional bad guy.

4. The Man Who Can’t Breathe – Insidious: Chapter 3

I love the Insidious villains. They are pure evil and have no problem wrecking havoc on nice families. The Man Who Can’t Breathe carries on the villain tradition and you will cover your eyes every time he is on screen. He creeps, peeps and makes a poor girl destroy her leg casts via kicking a bed post. The dude is the worst and he is the stuff of nightmares.

5. Rayna Boyanov – Spy

Rayna might be the biggest jerk on the planet. She is profane, deadly and has more hair than any woman should. Rose Byrne is hilarious and I love her reactions to Melissa McCarthy. I love how a woman who is planning on selling a nuclear bomb can come across as likable. If you haven’t watched Spy do it now. You will love this loud kissing villain.


Which one of these villains was your favorite?


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