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According to the Moviepilot Superheroes Facebook page, "three out of four superheroes agree money is the best superpower." All jokes aside, we should take time to appreciate the heroes who weren't blessed with powers or just somehow had an experiment that went wrong.

So what happens if you don't have the power to save your city with laser eyes? Well, according to some of the biggest superheroes, just check your bank account and if you have couple billion of dollars, get yourself a costume and fight for your city! Let's take a look at the eight richest comic book characters.

8. Magneto - 0.5 Billion

Magneto, villain and occasional friend of the X-Men, is one of the most powerful mutants who has the power to control metal and generate magnetic fields. Magneto has a total of 0.5 billion dollars.

7. Professor X - 3.5 Billion

Professor Charles Xavier is best known for creating the team of mutants known as X-Men. As well as uniting a team of people with abilities, he created a school for others who also have special abilities. The school is known as Xavier School. Professor Charles Xavier has 3.5 billion dollars.

6. Oliver Queen - 7 Billion

Playboy Oliver Queen isn't your average type. Oliver has a lot of qualities, for example, he's a child of Robert Queen making him a rich spoilt billionaire, does that count as a quality? I guess not, but he is a politician and he uses archery to protect his city. Rich playboy Oliver Queen has 7 billion dollars.

5. Doctor Doom - 35 Billion

Victor Von Doom has always been the villain of the Fantastic Four. The evil scientist behind an iron mask can always be found wreaking havoc. A lot of the time he is compared to the villain Magneto, while there's been a lot of competition between them, you can't compare his money with Magneto since he has 35 billion dollars.

4. Lex Luthor - 75 Billion

Money doesn't seem to please him, but destroying Superman in every possible way does. Lex Luthor is Superman's greatest threat and with Lex possessing kryptonite at times, he is one deadly villain in eyes of Superman. Lex Luthor has 75 billion dollars.

3. Bruce Wayne - 80 Billion

Masked vigilante Bruce Wayne protects the streets of Gotham from thugs and threats. Many may be surprised that he isn't the richest, or even number two on the list, but this rich playboy only has 80 billion dollars making him the third most richest comic book character.

2. Tony Stark - 100 Billion

Like Oliver Queen and Bruce Wayne, Tony Stark is just another spoilt billionaire who uses his money for good. Not only does he use his suit of amor to save lives, but he also leads The Avengers at times. The CEO of Stark Industries has 100 billion dollars.

1. Black Panther - 500 Billion

Did this come as a surprise? T’Challa is the king of Wakanda and also controls the world’s supply of Vibranium. Now if that's not enough, he's got his own time machine and army robots. T’Challa is known to be one of the smartest people in the MCU and he has a estimate of 500 billion dollars.

Did any of these come as a shock to you? I personally had no clue that Professor X had a few billion. Now on this note, let's remember that not all heroes depend on money for gadgets and costumes, I mean, look at Nightwing, Hawkeye, Batgirl, Guardian, and many more!

Check out T'Challa a.k.a. Black Panther in the new Captain America: Civil War trailer!

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