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This Cold-war action comedy i found very entertaining , Based on the two characters from the popular 1960's television spy series called ''the man from .u.n.c.l.e. '' this origin story , basically puts the opposing Agents from opposite sides, join together before even knowing about an agency called u.n.c.l.e. The story begins in 1963 , Napoleon solo ( Henry Cavill ) has turned C.I.A agent after a life of being a Jewel thief. Makes contact with Gabriella ( gaby) teller, the daughter played by Alicia Vikander of Nazi Scientist Udo teller.

who had turned collaborator for the united states after the second world-war, KGB Agent illya kuryakin ( Armie Hammer ) has been tracking him sometime now , without knowing his where abouts, Napoleon solo believes Gaby knows where her father is, But not cooperating with him. The couple decide to leave Gaby's Garage, un-aware that KGB Agent illya kuryakin is following them in another car. realizing it Napoleon solo instructs Gaby how to out drive Kuryakin in some fancy driving skills. Eventually Solo and Gaby evade the KGB Agent in what you would call James Bond Style.

in another scene Solo and Kuryakin meet unexpectedly in a public toilet where both Agents brake-out into a Brawl, Unaware that they're second meeting wasn't By accident . The two opposing Agents are ordered by they're Superiors that the Mission is of vital importance , There's a wealthy Couple who owns a Shipping company the husband and wife named Vinciguerra has secret plans on Building they're own atomic Nuclear Bomb, which can be a threat to world-peace enabling another world crisis.

However, unknown to Each other they're superiors has giving them orders that after the Mission, they're are to Eliminate each other. great origin story the Audience Needs to see the characters return in a sequel. because the two Agents are re-assigned by Alexander Waverly ( Hugh Grant) to his u,n,c,l,e, agency at the end. In my opinion The movie could've had more of an authentic look if shot in Black and white. I also see this movie as Henry Cavill's re- auditioning pitch movie for the role of James Bond. it has been mentioned that Cavill had auditioned for the role in ''Casino Royale'' ( 2006) but lost out to Daniel Craig , ''the man from .u.n.c.le.'' was directed by Guy Richie and released on August 14. 2015.


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