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After watching Star Wars the Force Awakens, I was really pleased with the way that the lead female character, Rey, was portrayed. Rather than being the typical damsel in distress, Rey proves that women can truly fend for themselves. While watching the movie, you learn that Rey has lived on her own her whole life in the barren wasteland known as, Jakku. Rey has absolutely no one, and has thus learned to optimize this independence. Rather than sulk about her situation, Rey remains optimistic and proactive. Rey not only works for herself and by herself, but she is also able to fight and defend those who cannot do so for themselves. For example, when Rey discovers BB-8, she notices that he is being captured; rather than ignoring the situation, Rey takes full force and rescues BB-8.

Rey rescuing BB-8.
Rey rescuing BB-8.

Throughout the movie, you discover more of Rey's independence and strength. Rey is not only a fighter, but she is also a pilot. With Rey's skills as both a fighter and pilot, Rey is able to assist in escaping dire situations, and even tackling others full on. Ultimately, Rey discovers the ways of the force; learning to optimize it, Rey is able to escape the grip of Kylo Ren. Finally, in a final fight against Kylo Ren, Rey begins with some assistance from Finn, but has to ultimately face Kylo Ren on her own. Armed with a lightsaber, Rey is able to fight off Kylo Ren and ensure Finn's safety. How refreshing to finally see a female character in a major film be the rescuer, rather than being rescued! And as always, I have a video of a speed painting of Rey. Let me know what you think, and how you liked the new lead female character, Rey.


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